Nebraska FBLA News

Food and Toy Drive Successful

Sandhills FBLA’s annual food and toy drive was a huge success this year. The student body contributed over 450 items that translated into over 500 pounds of food, clothing and toys.On December 23, the members of the committee moved all the products to the Blaine County Food Pantry. Pastor Ralph McKay expressed his gratitude to the students at the high school.

The sophomore class won the class competition with over 200 items. The freshman class had 100% participation. Both classes were rewarded with movies passes to the Tiffany Theater in Broken Bow for their hard work.

SLC Registration Due February 17

Bellevue East FBLA Powderpuff Game

On October 25th Bellevue East FBLA hosted their 9th annual Powderpuff Football game. Junior and senior girls played their hearts out to win for their class, but only one was victorious. In a close, hard fought battle the Juniors won 25-18 for only the second time in 9 years. The whole purpose of the game wasn’t just for fun though. Through player and coaches fees, Bellevue East FBLA was able to raise $200 for March of Dimes. The whole Bellevue community embraces the fun and competitive game by coming out and showing support for our FBLA chapter. State Vice President John Willey even came out to show his support of the chapter. The powderpuff game is something Bellevue East FBLA takes pride and joy in, and they hope to host it for years to come.

2016 National Award Winners

More than 336 Nebraska students and advisers recently attended the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA. Nebraska FBLA members competed June 29-July 2 in 65 competitive events. More than 12,000 FBLA members from 46 states, as well as U.S. territories and international chapters attended the conference.

Nebraska members brought home 18 Top Ten awards. The Top Ten award winners are:

Second Place

  • Nicole Kent, Dundy County Stratton – Future Business Leader

Fourth Place

  • Makayla Damme, Johnson-Brock – Business Plan
  • Jesse Lin, Lincoln East – Economics
  • Owen Wurst, Ethan Hall, and Haley Huebert, Heartland – Entreprenuership
  • Akshay Sharma, Lincoln East – Introduction to Business
  • Hundter Biede, Adams Central; Abi Sheen and Mia Kegley, Kearney; Danielle Neugebauer, Lincoln Southwest – Parliamentary Procedure Team

Fifth Place

  • Jayden Garrett, Chadron – Job Interview
  • Elmwood-Murdock – Local Chapter Annual Business Report

Sixth Place

  • Leslie Braun, Heartland – Business Law
  • Shailee Hayek and Jac Clements, Elmwood-Murdock – Public Service Announcement

Eighth Place

  • Jared Ladd, Nick Hodge, and Autash Parvanehgohar, Lincoln Southwest – Hospitality Management
  • Blair – Local Chapter Annual Business Report
  • Ashtyn Cooper, Elmwood-Murdock – Sales Presentation
  • Aubree Noble, Brooklyn Stack, and Hunter Hawk, Chadron – Website Design

Ninth Place

  • Hannah Nelson, Wausa – Accounting I
  • Jacob Sorensen and Brett Petersen, Blair – Life Smarts

Tenth Place

  • Jonna Bart, Megan DeVries and Cassidy Brechbill, Aurora – Emerging Business Issues
  • Claire Redinger and Mary O’Keeffe, Hastings St. Cecilia – Publication Design

The following students were Top 15 Finalists:

  • Banking and Financial Systems: Ojus Jain, Keenan Allen, and Andy Zhu, Lincoln East
  • Community Service Project: Maddy Rinkol, Calista Shanle and Shyla Oberhauser, Twin River
  • Digital Video Production: Hunter Koepke, Kade Moural, Lisa Oswald, Aurora
  • E-business: Scott Hedglen, Ryan Walter, and Matthew Wittig, Bellevue East
  • Introduction to Business Presentation: Jadyn Cattau, Jacalyn Kliewer, and Vanessa Wergin, Aurora
  • Marketing: Devan Blancett, Emma Milenkovich, and Alison Raszler, Elkhorn High
  • Publication Design: Halie Lewin and Ethan Percival, Ashland-Greenwood

Other national awards included:

Second Place:

  • Largest State Chapter – Mt. Plains Region
  • Largest Increase in State Chapter Membership – Mt. Plains Region

Ninth Place:

  • Business Achievement Award (BAA) Fight to the Finish

National Business Achievement Awards – America Level (top award in this four-level program)

  • Nicole Kent of Dundy County Stratton High School
  • Abi Sheen of Kearney High School
  • Abby Kile of Lawrence-Nelson High School
  • Alyssa Miller, Lawrence-Nelson High School
  • Brooke Orcutt of Raymond Central High School
  • Samantha Young of Syracuse High School
  • Michaela Lawrence of Weeping Water High School
  • Erin Finley of Wilber-Clatonia High School

National Community Service Awards – Achievement Level

  • Marian Sanchez of Bellevue West High School
  • Zachary Vincent of Bellevue West High School
  • Anne Ryschon of Burke High School
  • Abigail Etherton of Cozad High School
  • Clarissa Bors of Dorchester High School
  • Nicole Kent of Dundy County Stratton High School
  • Megan Hawks of Elmwood-Murdock High School
  • Eliza Donley of Hastings Adams Central High School
  • Grant Moles of Johnson County Central High School
  • Bryce Sahs of Johnson County Central High School
  • Jack Duffy of Kenesaw High School
  • Rose Wehrman of Kenesaw High School
  • Henry Molnar of Lincoln East High School
  • Elise Pape of Omaha Marian High School
  • Danielle Gilliland of Wakefield High School
  • Megan Muller of Wakefield High School
  • Alejandra Orona of Wakefield High School
  • Michaela Lawrence of Weeping Water High School

National Recognition Event Winners

  • Nicole Kent, Dundy County High School, Who’s Who in FBLA
  • Dawn Friedrich, Wausa, Nebraska Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser
  • Nebraska FBLA, 9th in Big Ten Business Achievement Awards

Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit

  • Columbus Lakeview
  • West Boyd
  • Elmwood-Murdock
  • Sandhills
  • Blair
  • Arlington
  • Bellevue West
  • Raymond Central
  • Kearney
  • Twin River
  • Filmore Central
  • Tri County
  • Dundy County Stratton
  • Litchfield
  • Auburn
  • Centura
  • Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca
  • Bellevue East
  • Sargent
  • Weeping Water
  • Wilber Clatonia
  • Johnson-Brock
  • Fairbury

2016 SLC Results

Congratulations to each of our winners!

Event Winners – 2016 (Google sheet)

Future Business Leader

  1. Nicole Kent, Dundy County Stratton
  2. Jessica Bohling, Johnson-Brock
  3. Haley Pierce, West Point-Beemer
  4. Jocelyn Daubendick, Elkhorn High
  5. Kara Zimmerman, Elmwood-Murdock
  6. Josh Lampe, Omaha Roncalli Catholic
  7. Brandon Frates, Elmwood-Murdock
  8. Jordan Keller, Dorchester

Accounting I

  1. Hundter Biede, Adams Central
  2. Sam Klammer, Adams Central
  3. Emilee Shostrom, Lincoln East
  4. Hannah Nelson, Wausa
  5. Hunter Hawk, Chadron
  6. Brittany Stewart, Johnson-Brock
  7. Brett Petersen, Blair
  8. Jennifer Russell, Waverly

Accounting II

  1. Jorge Hernandez, Stanton
  2. Braxtyn DeGolyer, Syracuse
  3. Shaina Lusienski, Ashland-Greenwood
  4. Mitchell McWilliams, Syracuse
  5. Jay Hewitt, Lawrence-Nelson
  6. Emma Milenkovich, Elkhorn High
  7. Riley Ratka, Minden
  8. Mikayla Brady, Malcolm


  1. Caleb Krohn, Osmond
  2. Chris Winchester, Omaha Central
  3. Luke Bigelow, Lincoln East
  4. Gus Woeppel, Norris
  5. Emilee Shostrom, Lincoln East
  6. Braden Hadwiger, Pleasanton
  7. Evan Classen, Humphrey St. Francis
  8. Samantha Mercer, Gibbon

American Enterprise Project

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Bellevue East
  3. Fairbury
  4. Twin River
  5. Fillmore Central
  6. Bellevue West
  7. Chadron
  8. Malcolm

 Banking and Financial Systems

  1. Lincoln East Team 2 Jain-Allen-Zhu
  2. Lincoln East Team 1 Zhu-Bhoopalam-Melcher
  3. Seward Team 1 Biggs-Helmer-Kromminga
  4. Lincoln Southeast Team 1 Fujan-Rownd-Warren
  5. Waverly Team 1 Ohlmann-Doppler-Carnes
  6. Bellevue West Team 1 Lacy-Walters-Sanchez
  7. Blair Team 1 Oppliger-Aman
  8. Arlington Team 1 Brester-Thompson-Brester

Business Calculations

  1. Emma Thede, Waverly
  2. Rachel Jarvis, Lincoln Northeast
  3. Caleb Krohn, Osmond
  4. Hundter Biede, Adams Central
  5. Jay Hewitt, Lawrence-Nelson
  6. Bryce Frey, Neligh-Oakdale
  7. Andy Zhu, Lincoln East
  8. Grant Moles, Johnson County Central

Business Communication

  1. Justin Brockhaus, Columbus Scotus
  2. Jack Duffy, Kenesaw
  3. Eve Vanderneck, Heartland
  4. Rose Wehrman, Kenesaw
  5. Kateri Hartman, Bishop Neumann
  6. Rachel Jarvis, Lincoln Northeast
  7. Paige Wergin, Aurora
  8. Jacob Carmichael, Elkhorn High

Business Ethics

  1. Ashland-Greenwood
  2. Aurora
  3. Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Auburn
  5. Cozad
  6. Twin River
  7. Chadron
  8. Seward

Business Financial Plan

  1. Johnson Brock
  2. Cozad
  3. Syracuse
  4. Tekamah-Herman
  5. Seward
  6. West Point-Beemer

Business Law

  1. Leslie Braun, Heartland
  2. Heidi Strigenz, Platteview
  3. Jordan Strong, Gretna
  4. Gabrielle Peek, Elkhorn High
  5. Andrew Eihausen, Bennington
  6. Abi Sheen, Kearney
  7. Blake Hannan, Bishop Neumann
  8. Braydon Conell, York

 Business Plan

  1. Johnson-Brock
  2. Meridian
  3. Syracuse
  4. West Boyd
  5. Centennial
  6. Ashland-Greenwood
  7. Kearney
  8. Omaha Marian

Client Service

  1. Amelia Hanson, Seward
  2. Brenna Schulte, Auburn
  3. Lindsay VanRyckeghem, Bellevue East
  4. Claire Vanness, Wausa
  5. Paige Faber, Aurora
  6. Olivia Lancaster, Elmwood-Murdock
  7. Darci Hoffmaster, Cozad
  8. Isabella Kissell, Sargent

Community Service Project

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Twin River
  3. Wilber-Clatonia
  4. Aurora
  5. Syracuse
  6. Lincoln Southeast
  7. Raymond Central
  8. Thedford

Computer Applications

  1. Emma Bjork, Syracuse
  2. Sydney Atkinson, West Boyd
  3. Ben Jahnke, West Point-Beemer
  4. Leslie Braun, Heartland
  5. Madison Shockey, McCool Junction
  6. Audrey Hayes, Lincoln High
  7. Tiara Hopp, Norfolk High
  8. Spencer Van Buskirk, Twin River

Computer Game and Simulation Programming

  1. Taylor Bernt, Lincoln Southeast
  2. G.I. Career Pathways Team Lehechka-Smith-Schroeder
  3. G.I. Career Pathways Team Grady-Rivas-San Roman
  4. Dylan Osborn, Sargent
  5. G.I. Career Pathways Team McGowen-Pena
  6. Wakefield Team Borg-Nelson-Zamzow

Computer Problem Solving

  1. Ben Galusha, Seward
  2. Cameron Schildousky, Boone Central
  3. Michael Mason, Lincoln East
  4. Jeffrey Vanderhart, Twin River
  5. Jesse Lin, Lincoln East
  6. Hunter Guru, Lincoln East
  7. Rachel Jarvis, Lincoln Northeast
  8. Bryce Frey, Neligh-Oakdale

Cyber Security

  1. Ben Galusha, Seward
  2. Michael Mason, Lincoln East
  3. Jeffrey Vanderhart, Twin River
  4. Drew Minard, Southwest Consolidated
  5. Sam Curry, Elkhorn High
  6. Dalton Engelbart, Malcolm
  7. Luke Bigelow, Lincoln East
  8. Leo Lu, Lincoln East

Database Design and Applications

  1. Braxtyn DeGolyer, Syracuse
  2. Luke Vie, Arlington
  3. Meagan Austin, Omaha Mercy
  4. Brian Arnold, Syracuse
  5. Shelby Homolka, Meridian
  6. Nachia Olsen, Omaha Westside
  7. Macie McGee, Arlington
  8. Katrina Hansen, Elmwood-Murdock

Desktop Application Programming

  1. Abel Rivera

Digital Video Production

  1. Aurora
  2. Seward
  3. Tekamah-Herman
  4. Johnson-Brock
  5. Cambridge
  6. Wilber-Clatonia
  7. Shelby-Rising City
  8. Wakefield


  1. Johnson-Brock
  2. Bellevue East
  3. Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Heartland
  5. Thedford
  6. Meridian
  7. Tekamah-Herman
  8. Wilcox-Hildreth


  1. Jesse Lin, Lincoln East
  2. Alan Lee, Lincoln East
  3. Keenan Allen, Lincoln East
  4. Jae Hyun Lim, Lincoln Southwest
  5. Henry Molnar, Lincoln East
  6. Shruti Mishra, Lincoln East
  7. Cody Wullenwaber, Bennington
  8. Caleb Krohn, Osmond

Electronic Career Portfolio

  1. Samantha Young, Syracuse
  2. Jessica Bohling, Johnson-Brock
  3. Kara Zimmerman, Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Leia Farrens, Tekamah-Herman
  5. Drew Jensen, Aurora
  6. Lindsey Turner, Crete
  7. Bailee Labs, Gibbon
  8. Taylor McHugh, Omaha Marian

Emerging Business Issues

  1. Aurora
  2. Syracuse
  3. Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Laurel-Concord Coleridge
  5. Johnson-Brock
  6. Waverly
  7. Tri County
  8. Ashland-Greenwood


  1. Syracuse Team 1 Kastens-Moore
  2. Lincoln East Team 2 Jain-Allen-Zhu
  3. Heartland Team 1 Hall-Wurst-Huebert
  4. Lincoln Southeast Team 1 Fujan-Rownd-Warren
  5. Johnson-Brock Team 1 Speckmann-Damme-Riley
  6. Centennial Team 1 Scheele-Payne-Hartshorn
  7. Columbus Scotus Team 1 Braun-Brockhaus-Hoppe
  8. Raymond Central Team 1 Kohl-Hall

FBLA Principles and Procedures

  1. Emma Bjork, Syracuse
  2. Analiese Wiedenbeck, Waverly
  3. Riley Knust, Tri County
  4. Livia Wilhelm, Syracuse
  5. Garrett Schliep, Waverly
  6. Mia Kegley, Kearney
  7. Allison Sheen, Kearney
  8. Braden Myers, Fillmore Central

FBLA Foundation Trust Fundraising Award

1.        Blair
2.        Syracuse
3.        Arlington

Global Business

  1. Lincoln East Team 2 Molnar-Shostrom-Keim
  2. Cozad Team 1 Morris-Burkholder-Prado
  3. Sandy Creek Team 1 Uecker-Orcutt-Switzer
  4. Lincoln East Team 1 Guru-Mishra-Zhu
  5. Bennington Team 1 Wullenwaber-Wood-Tedrow
  6. Twin River Team 1 Nelson-Vanderhart
  7. Laurel-Concord Coleridge Casey-Cross-Holloway
  8. Bennington Team 2 Eihausen-Bruneau

Graphic Design

  1. Wilber-Clatonia
  2. Syracuse
  3. Wausa
  4. Johnson-Brock
  5. Elmwood-Murdock
  6. Heartland
  7. Columbus Lakeview
  8. Dundy County Stratton

Gallup Scholarship

  1. Chris Winchester, Omaha Central
  2. Samantha Young, Syracuse

Gallup Scholarship Alternate

  1. Abi Sheen, Kearney
  2. Whitney Laritson, Waverly

Health Care Administration

  1. Jayden Garrett, Chadron
  2. Jocelyn Daubendiek, Elkhorn High
  3. Corbin Johnson, Chadron
  4. Allie Johnson, Chadron
  5. Caleb Krohn, Osmond
  6. MaKenzie Gordan, Norfolk Lutheran High Northeast
  7. Nicole Kent, Dundy County Stratton
  8. Elle Putnam, Omaha Marian

Help Desk

  1. Luke Bigelow, Lincoln East
  2. Michael Mason, Lincoln East
  3. Tanner Johnson, G.I. Career Pathways
  4. Adam Lehechka, G.I. Career Pathways
  5. Lemuel Grady, G.I. Career Pathways
  6. Holly Schwarting, Bellevue East
  7. Mitchell Fisher, G.I. Career Pathways
  8. Jorge Hernandez, Stanton

Hospitality Management

  1. Bellevue West Team 2 Barela-Jackson-Warner
  2. Lincoln Southwest Team 1 Parvanehgohar-Hodge-Ladd
  3. Chadron Team 1 Waugh-Welch-Gardner
  4. Dundy Co. Stratton Team 2 Kent-Sandberg-Sandford
  5. Adams Central Cass-Schultz-Kershner
  6. Elmwood-Murdock Team 1 Jennings-Zakaras-Kuhlman
  7. Wilber-Clatonia Team  1 Oltman-Edmonds-Kalkwarf
  8. G.I. Career Pathways Carlini-Pohlmeier

Impromptu Speaking

  1. Haley Pierce, West Point-Beemer
  2. Robbie Harbin, Bellevue East
  3. John Willey, Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Rebecca Hiatt, West Boyd
  5. Cody Cozad, Cedar Bluffs
  6. PJ Miguelino, Elkhorn Valley
  7. Claire Vanness, Wausa
  8. Tyler Wilson, Broken Bow

Insurance and Risk Management

  1. Jae Hyun Lim, Lincoln Southwest
  2. JT Engberg, Adams Central
  3. Amanda Engelbart, Malcolm
  4. Peyton Harsin, Syracuse
  5. Bailey Braun, Columbus Scotus
  6. Blake Hannan, Bishop Neumann
  7. Layne Stafford, Arlington
  8. Aurelio Picazo, South Sioux City


Introduction to Business

  1. Jesse Lin, Lincoln East
  2. Kylie Doupnik, Harvard
  3. Brett Petersen, Blair
  4. Ellen Dexter, Raymond Central
  5. Jack Yalden, Seward
  6. Grayson Wegener, Lincoln Southwest
  7. Colton Patrick, Bellevue East
  8. Camdyn Hehnke, G.I. Career Pathways

Introduction to Business Communication

  1. Grayson Wegener, Lincoln Southwest
  2. Stephanie Lund, Omaha Westside
  3. Jayden Swayze, Adams Central
  4. Walker Stuhr, Boone Central
  5. Frankie Hendricks, Yutan
  6. Sydney Andreasen, Blair
  7. Olivia Sis, Dundy County Stratton
  8. Ellen Dexter, Raymond Central

Introduction to Business Presentation

  1. Wausa
  2. Aurora
  3. West Boyd
  4. Bellevue East
  5. Auburn
  6. Arlington
  7. Johnson-Brock
  8. Elmwood-Murdock

Introduction to Business Procedures

  1. Abby Hoppe, Arlington
  2. Margaret Lashier, Blair
  3. Madi Warrelmann, Malcolm
  4. Annie Jia, Lincoln East
  5. Ryan Range, Twin River
  6. Anne Goodman, Blair
  7. Benjamin Clark, Johnson-Brock
  8. Ty Shaw, Malcolm

Introduction to Financial Math 

  1. Brett Petersen, Blair
  2. Jae Hyun Lim, Lincoln Southwest
  3. Grayson Wegener, Lincoln Southwest
  4. Justin Dyke, Gretna
  5. Jesse Lin, Lincoln East
  6. Jacob Sorensen, Blair
  7. Jack Yalden, Seward
  8. Livia Wilhelm, Syracuse

Introduction to Information Technology

  1. Jack Yalden, Seward
  2. Joshua Warren, Lincoln Southeast
  3. Maxwell Winkler, Adams Central
  4. Antonio Banks, Lincoln Southeast
  5. Nikita Estrada, Auburn
  6. Taylor Bernt, Lincoln Southeast
  7. Jayden Swayze, Adams Central
  8. Donnie Otto, Twin River

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

  1. Abbey Borgman, Silver Lake
  2. Brett Petersen, Blair
  3. Connor Sears, Kearney
  4. Grant Bracht, Arlington
  5. Dallas Lim, Lincoln East
  6. Macey Stall, Gibbon
  7. Kolton Witte, Johnson-Brock
  8. Marian Sanchez, Bellevue West

Job Interview

  1. Rebekah Larson
  2. Jayden Garrett
  3. Eve Vanderneck
  4. Grant Biggs
  5. Sam Cass
  6. Lucas Briggs
  7. Nicole Kent
  8. Nicholas Christiansen
  9. Samantha Young
  10. Leia Farrens

Keyboarding Knowledge

  1. Bridget Slagle, Sargent
  2. Ray Neirman, Harvard
  3. Mitchell Lierman, West Point-Beemer
  4. Noah Kubat, Arlington
  5. Ethan Ries, Ord
  6. Mazie Larsen, Gretna
  7. Reagan Petersen, Syracuse
  8. Matteo Antunez, Syracuse




Local Chapter Annual Business Report

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Blair
  3. Fillmore Central
  4. Arlington
  5. Morgan
  6. Raymond Central
  7. Tri County
  8. Columbus Lakeview

Management Decision Making

  1. Elmwood-Murdock Team 2 Willey-Zimmerman-Oehlerking
  2. Lincoln East Team 2 Molnar-Lee-Keim
  3. Heartland Team 2 Wurst-Huebert-Hall
  4. Seward Team 2 Kromminga-Nolan-Helmer
  5. Cedar Bluffs Team 1 Pace-Kruse
  6. Kenesaw Team 1 Summers-Duffy-Wehrman
  7. Aurora Team 1 Oswald-Roberts-Wergin
  8. Elmwood-Murdock Team 1 Zakaras-Zeorian-Frates

Management Information Systems

  1. G.I. Career Pathways Lehechka-Smith-Fisher
  2. Auburn MIS 1 Kennedy-Khan
  3. Seward MIS 1 Galusha-Brown
  4. Stanton MIS 1 Kouatli-Hernandez
  5. Lincoln East MIS 1 Mason-Cui-Guru
  6. Laurel-Concord Coleridge Dietrich-Erwin-Cross
  7. Lincoln Southwest MIS 1 Hyun Lim-Ladd
  8. G.I. Career Pathways San Roman-Luis Pena-Schroeder


  1. Platteview MKG 1 Bartels-Murphy-Romsa
  2. Bennington MKG 2 Wullenwaber-Aktar-Wullenwaber
  3. Elkhorn High MKG 1 Blancett-Raszler-Milenkovich
  4. Waverly MKG 1 Laritson-Kraft
  5. Lincoln Southeast MKG 1 Hendricks-Wiles
  6. Bennington MKG 1 Tedrow-Wood-Eihausen
  7. Elmwood-Murdock MKG 1 Zimmerman-Cooper-Zeorian
  8. Omaha Westside MKG 1 Fauglid-Johnson

Mobile Application Development

  1. Sargent
  2. G.I. Career Pathways
  3. Wakefield

Network Design

  1. Auburn Team 1 Khan-Kennedy
  2. G.I. Career Pathways Smith-Lehechka-Grady
  3. Blair Team 1 Goodman-Scheer-Garder
  4. Omaha Marian NDN 1 Zielie-McHugh-Keyser
  5. Weeping Water NDN 1 Lawrence-Meyer
  6. G.I. Career Pathways Team 2 Schroeder-Luis Pena-San Roman
  7. West Point-Beemer Team 1 Eckmann-Miserez-Rivera
  8. Meridian Team 1 Nunez-Ellis-Beals

Networking Concepts

  1. Ben Galusha, Seward
  2. Donovan Smith, G.I. Career Pathways
  3. Michael Mason, Lincoln East
  4. Bryce Sahs, Johnson County Central
  5. Cameron Schildousky, Boone Central
  6. Dalton Engelbart, Malcolm
  7. Cade Larson, Malcolm
  8. Jaedin Switzer, Sandy Creek

Parliamentary Procedure

  1. Abi Sheen, Kearney
  2. Hundter Biede, Adams Central
  3. Mia Kegley, Kearney
  4. Heather Bentley, Amherst
  5. Danielle Neugebauer, Lincoln Southwest
  6. Allison Sheen, Kearney
  7. Paige Kristensen, Minden
  8. Sheyenne Kiesel, Wilber-Clatonia

Parliamentary Procedure National Team

  1. Abi Sheen, Kearney
  2. Hundter Biede, Adams Central
  3. Mia Kegley, Kearney
  4. Danielle Neugebauer, Lincoln Southwest

Parliamentary Procedure Team

  1. Kearney
  2. Fillmore Central
  3. Harvard
  4. Wilber-Clatonia

Partnership with Business Project

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Blair
  3. Dundy County Stratton
  4. Auburn
  5. Aurora
  6. Omaha Roncalli Catholic
  7. Thedford
  8. Centura

Personal Finance

  1. Bryce Frey, Neligh-Oakdale
  2. Mason Goodman, Blair
  3. Rachel Jarvis, Lincoln Northeast
  4. Braydon Conell, York
  5. Kenneth Erickson, Omaha Westside
  6. Jessica Bohling, Johnson-Brock
  7. Jared Ladd, Lincoln Southwest
  8. Taylor Hendricks, Lincoln Southeast


  1. Isaac Robertson, Fairbury
  2. Enya Zhu, Lincoln East
  3. Jessilyn Coe, Crete
  4. Alice Richter, Elmwood-Murdock
  5. Emily Coleman, Omaha Mercy
  6. Leigh Jahnke, West Point-Beemer
  7. Mazie Larsen, Gretna
  8. Trey Zoucha, Boone Central

Public Service Announcement

  1. Bellevue East
  2. Elmwood-Murdock
  3. Wausa
  4. Twin River
  5. Centura
  6. Sandy Creek
  7. Ashland-Greenwood
  8. West Point-Beemer

Public Speaking I

  1. Alia Hurst, Fillmore Central
  2. Analiese Wiedenbeck, Waverly
  3. Emma Powell, Auburn
  4. Ellie Glup, Tekamah-Herman
  5. Olivia Sis, Dundy County Stratton
  6. Ryan Range, Twin River
  7. Kate Zakaras, Elmwood-Murdock
  8. Joe Werner, Papillion-La Vista High

Public Speaking II

  1. Sam Cross
  2. Ojus Jain
  3. Emily Zakaras
  4. Cole Tessendorf
  5. Maggie Garcia
  6. Stephanie Babella
  7. Montana Hill
  8. Sheyenne Kiesel

Publication Design

  1. Hastings St. Cecilia
  2. Waverly
  3. Ashland-Greenwood
  4. Cozad
  5. Fairbury
  6. Wilcox-Hildreth
  7. Wausa
  8. Cambridge

Sales Presentation

  1. Connor Cross, Laurel-Concord Coleridge
  2. Garrett Orcutt, Sandy Creek
  3. Paige Wergin, Aurora
  4. Ashtyn Cooper, Elmwood-Murdock
  5. Paul Calvert, Dundy County Stratton
  6. Montana Hill, Seward
  7. Rachael Nordhues, Syracuse
  8. Bryan Manzer, Osmond

Securities and Investments

  1. Jae Hyun Lim, Lincoln Southwest
  2. Caleb Krohn, Osmond
  3. Thomas Simonson, Blair
  4. Tyler Jacobson, Malcolm
  5. Jared Ladd, Lincoln Southwest
  6. Brandon Keffer, Arlington
  7. Alex Rownd, Lincoln Southeast
  8. Jennifer Russell, Waverly


  1. Akshay Sharma, Lincoln East
  2. Norah Green, Elmwood-Murdock
  3. Isaac Robertson, Fairbury
  4. Mitchell Lierman, West Point-Beemer
  5. Jacob Johnson, Fairbury
  6. Emmalee Pommer, Wakefield
  7. Ethan Ries, Ord
  8. Leigh Jahnke, West Point-Beemer

Sports and Entertainment Management

  1. Heartland Team 2 Weisheit-Steingard-Braun
  2. Johnson County Central Klaasmeyer-Moles-Roddy
  3. Bennington Team 1 Schlacter-Connor-Wullenwaber
  4. Arlington Team 1 Keffer-Krueger-Kraemer
  5. Wilber-Clatonia Team 2 Pulliam-Petracek-Bates
  6. Aurora Team 1 Rush-Thompson-Jensen
  7. Seward Team 2 Sloup-Fernau-Behlen
  8. Kearney Team  1 Murray-Schulte-Sears

Spreadsheet Applications

  1. Lauren Shackelford, Sandy Creek
  2. John Alfs, Shickley
  3. Braxtyn DeGolyer, Syracuse
  4. Molly Dane, Sandy Creek
  5. Benjamin Zwiener, Twin River
  6. Drew Schmidt, Tekamah-Herman
  7. Jill Orwig, Norfolk High
  8. Sydney Atkinson, West Boyd

Website Design

  1. Chadron
  2. Seward
  3. Columbus Lakeview
  4. Heartland
  5. Stanton
  6. Superior
  7. Raymond Central
  8. Ashland-Greenwood

Word Processing

  1. Hannah Lempka, Wilber-Clatonia
  2. Brittany Quiring, Heartland
  3. Kristine Goertzen, Heartland
  4. Serena Mueller, Waverly
  5. Matt Petracek, Wilber-Clatonia
  6. Madison Hickok, Centura
  7. Sophia Frook, Fillmore Central
  8. Maggie Maffin, Fillmore Central


Who’s Who in Nebraska FBLA

Nicole Kent, Dundy County Stratton

Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda State and National Dues Award Membership Scholarship

  1. Samantha Young, Syracuse
  2. Taylor McHugh, Omaha Marian

Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda State and National Dues Award

  1. Megan Jelden, Wilcox-Hildreth
  2. Rachel Kathman, Lawrence-Nelson
  3. Abby Kile, Lawrence-Nelson

Golden Round Table Award


Columbus Lakeview

Market Share Award – High School

  1.  Wausa – 82%
  2. Dorchester – 70%

Nebraska FBLA Foundation Trust Fundraising Award

  1. Blair
  2. Syracuse
  3. Arlington

Largest Chapter Increase

  1. Omaha Skutt Catholic- 145%
  2. Bennington- 136%
  3. Omaha South – 122%

Largest Chapter Membership – Class A

  1. Omaha Burke
  2. Bellevue West

Largest Chapter Membership – Class B

  1. Blair
  2. Omaha Roncalli Catholic

Largest Chapter Membership – Class C

  1. Columbus Lakeview
  2. Adams Central

Largest Chapter Membership – Class D

  1. Meridian
  2. Wausa

Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser

Dawn Friedrich, Wausa

National Businessperson of the Year Award

Sheri Camp, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Business of the Year

Mid America Computer Corporation, Blair

Star Volunteers

Matt Hinkel, West Point – Beemer FBLA
Craig Aman, Blair FBLA
Tracy Birmeier, West Boyd FBLA
Kathy Gifford, Kearney FBLA
Thomas Deall, Bellevue West FBLA

2015 Commissioner’s Recognition for Excellence in Career Education

Photos from the 2015 Commissioner’s Recognition can be found here.




One hundred fourteen Nebraska Career Education students were recognized in November for national awards they received earlier this year.

Commissioner of Education Dr. Matthew Blomstedt and Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley recognized the Nebraska Career Education students who received first, second, third place or finalist awards during national leadership and skills competition held by their respective Career Student Organizations. The students were recognized during a November 23 reception at the Nebraska State Capitol Rotunda. The following students are members of DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, Educators Rising, PBL and SkillsUSA, Nebraska Career and Technical Student Organizations.

FBLA Award Winners:

  • Kamryn Timm, Trevor Koger, and Catie Theiler of Arlington High School
  • Eric Le and Jacob Shiers of Lincoln Southwest High School
  • Cody McCain and Riley Knust of Tri County High School
  • Heather Bentley of Amherst High School
  • Mia Kegley of Kearney High School
  • Josh Jones, Nate Brown, and Zach Brown of Bellevue East High School
  • Brenna Backemeyer of Elmwood-Murdock High School
  • Kaitlyn Quiring and Colton Siebert of Heartland Community High School
  • Kristen Bell, Allison Penner, and Alex Schneider of Aurora High School
  • Paige Nelson, Madeline Hall, and Cristian Perdomo of Bellevue West High School

FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, provides career development programs for students interested in business administration, management, finance and information technology careers.

2015 NLC Results

Accounting II

Third Place: Colton Siebert, Heartland 

Banking and Financial Systems

First Place: Kami Timm, Catie Theiler and Trevor Koger, Arlington
Third Place: Eric Le and Jacob Shiers, Lincoln Southwest

Business Presentation

Fourth Place: Sam Hennings, Tori Clausen and Clair Vanness, Wausa
Fifth Place: Kendra Alberts, Johnson-Brock

Desktop Publishing

Ninth Place: Claire Kuenne and Makenna Wallin, Chase County

Emerging Business Issues

Third Place: Krissy Bell, Allison Penner and Alex Schneider, Aurora
Ninth Place: Natalie Elwood, Mirissa Scholting and Naomi Snyder, Elmwood-Murdock

Future Business Leader

Second Place: Brenna Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock
Eighth Place: Samantha Teten, Johnson-Brock

Local Chapter Annual Business Report

Fourth Place: Brandon Frates, Callie Zeorian and Owen Kunz, Elmwood-Murdock

Management Decision Making

Ninth Place: Ojus Jain and Alicia Zeng, Lincoln East
Tenth Place: Bradie Schmidt, Blake Bracht and Natalie Schmidt, Arlington

Mobile Application Development

Eighth Place: Edmon Adams, Omaha Westside

Network Design

First Place: Nate Brown, Josh Jones and Zach Brown, Bellevue East
Tenth Place: Devin Duren, Thomas Kinman and Austin Shroder, Grand Island Senior High

Parliamentary Procedure

First Place: Cody McCain and Riley Knust, Tri County; Heather Bentley, Amherst; Mia Kegley, Kearney

Partnership with Business Project

Third Place: Cristian Perdomo, Paige Nelson and Madeline Hall, Bellevue West

Sales Presentation

Fourth Place: Ali Faber, Aurora

Sports and Entertainment Management

Seventh Place: Matt Jensen and Brandon Keffer, Arlington
Ninth Place: Tommie Brechbill, Ashley Colwell, Sally Brechbill, Stanton

Word Processing

Second Place: Kaitlyn Quiring, Heartland



Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship

Trevor Koger, Arlington



National Outstanding Chapters

The following chapters are recipients of the National FBLA Outstanding Chapter Award:

  • Blair
  • Dundy County Stratton
  • Elmwood-Murdock
  • Fillmore Central
  • Johnson-Brock

Congratulations to these five chapters!

Numerous other Nebraska chapters are currently meeting the majority of the activities for this award and could receive the recognition next year. You just need to apply!

Check out the requirements at this link to plan for the award next year.