National Fall Leadership Conference

The National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC) is a two-day national conference held in November. Delegates from local chapters in each state may attend the NFLC. Nebraska FBLA State Officers attend in addition to local officers, members, and advisers. All FBLA members are eligible to attend, depending on local chapter guidelines.

The National Fall Leadership Conference consists of general sessions, special interest sessions, seminars, workshops, tours, and other leadership development activities.

Nebraska FBLA Travel Team has put together a travel package for Nebraska FBLA members and advisers for NFLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin November 18-21. The package includes round trip bus transportation with pickup locations in Kearney, Lincoln, and Omaha and 3-nights lodging at Milwaukee Hilton.



November 18 – Travel Day (arriving by midnight in Milwaukee)

November 19 – Conference Day

November 20 – Conference Day – Busses depart at Midnight

November 21 – Travel Day (arriving home by 4 pm)


In addition to the travel package, chapters will be responsible to register their members and advisers for the conference at the link below. The Conference Registration cost is $90 per person.


Conference Registration opens on September 15. You will need to register for the conference before you are able to register for a travel package. Each NFLC location is limited to 1400 participants. We want to ensure you have a spot at the conference before booking your travel.


Only paid members will be able to register for the conference. Make sure you get your dues submitted before September 15 for members that wish to travel to Milwaukee for NFLC!



Conference Costs

  • Nebraska Travel (bus round trip) $160/person
  • Conference Registration $90/person
  • Hotel Rooms $173/room

NFLC Registration Instructions

  1. Register for the conference at the national site by Friday, October 15.
    2. Members attending the conference must be paid members on the national site.
  2. Make hotel reservations.
    1. Find a roommate Google Sheet
  3. Register for travel with Nebraska FBLA by Friday, October 15.
    1. Submit invoice and payment by October 18.

Registration Deadline – October 15, 2021.

Conference Registration Procedures—Your chapter can register for the conference on the national website ( The early-bird conference registration fee for each member and adviser is $90 and must be made online through the FBLA-PBL national website by October 15. The conference registration fee is in addition to the travel package.


NFLC Dress Code—The NFLC dress code is the following:

  • Nebraska travel: casual attire (FBLA T-shirt and jeans are acceptable)
  • Nebraska touring: casual business attire (polos/khakis, skirts/blouses)
  • Conference attire: professional business attire
  • Social activity: casual attire

Chapter Permission Forms—The Chapter Permission Form, found under Events, National Fall Leadership Conference should be completed to provide you with the support needed from your school district to attend the National Fall Leadership Conference. This form is for your personal use and should not be sent to Nebraska FBLA.


Medical Release Forms—Each student, adviser, and guest must complete a Medical Release Form when traveling to a national conference. You may use the Medical Release Form found on the Nebraska website under Events, National Fall Leadership Conference or use your school district’s form. The chapter adviser or person responsible for your students should keep a copy of the Medical Release Forms. These forms are for your personal use and should not be sent to Nebraska FBLA


Students Are Expected to Travel with Local Adviser—Nebraska FBLA expects that students traveling to the NFLC are sponsored by their local chapter adviser or a school chaperone. If a special circumstance arises and a student is attending the NFLC without his/her local adviser, it is the responsibility of the local adviser to ask another FBLA adviser to attend the conference to be responsible for the student. As a courtesy, the school district or chapter should offer a stipend (up to 50% of travel costs) to the sponsoring adviser.


The Independent Delegate form found under Conferences, National Fall Leadership Conference, may be used as the appropriate documentation between your school district and the sponsoring school district, or you may use a form provided by your school district. The Independent Delegate form is for your use and should not be sent to Nebraska FBLA.


Questions—Please email the Nebraska FBLA Travel Team, with your travel questions, and Jacqui Garrison for any general conference questions.