National Leadership Conference

At the National Leadership Conference (NLC) FBLA-PBL members have the competitive edge, as the best and brightest of FBLA and PBL convene to compete in leadership events, share their successes, and learn new ideas about shaping their career future through workshops and exhibits. This four-day conference is considered the pinnacle of the FBLA-PBL experience, especially for those running for national office. FBLA-PBL has forged partnerships with industry leaders to underwrite competitive events and scholarships for students achieving national ranking.

Updated National Leadership Conference Dress Code


NLC Prep Day – June 14 in Omaha

NLC Prep Days Registration Form – Due May 18 

NLC Adviser Instructions:

Adviser Instructions for NLC

Adviser Checklist for NLC

Hotel  – (only if traveling with Nebraska FBLA)

Hilton Palacio del Rio
200 South Alamo Street
San Antonio, Texas

Questions—Email the Nebraska Travel Team ( with your travel questions. Please contact with your general conference questions and competitive event questions.

  • Webinar with Sydney and Jacqui Wednesday, April 10 from 3:30-4:30 pm for a live question and answer session about NLC conference and travel. (link to connect)

Travel Information:

COSTS  – Updated 4/15/2019

Single Double Triple Quad
Hotel  $   982.00  $492.00  $    348.00  $260.00
Transportation  $     50.00  $  50.00  $      50.00  $  50.00
Trading Pins, Glow Item, Luggage Tag, Travel Fee  $     14.00  $  14.00  $      14.00  $  14.00
Sea World Ticket  $     35.00  $  35.00  $      35.00  $  35.00
Hop on Hop Off Tickets  $     25.00  $  25.00  $      25.00  $  25.00
Dave and Busters Cost  $     28.00  $  28.00  $      28.00  $  28.00
Total Cost per Person  $1,134.00  $644.00  $    500.00  $412.00
Costs include two meals. One at Sea World and one at Dave and Busters.
**Chapters must book their own air travel. Arriving by 3pm June 28 if traveling with Nebraska FBLA.

Nebraska FBLA Participant Form and Google Spreadsheet (online) – April 15 Deadline

  • Complete the Google Spreadsheet indicating which teams/individual events your chapter will be participating. (Email Jacqui for the link, if needed.)

 Nebraska NLC Travel Registration – April 25 Deadline

  • Complete the online participant form for each FBLA member, adviser, and guest. This helps us when sending final competitor list to National Staff.
  • Book your flights – This information will be entered into Blue Panda
  • Register for Nebraska FBLA Travel on Blue Panda
    • Review the Blue Panda Adviser Instructions from the Nebraska FBLA website.
    • Room Share Instructions
    • Send payment and Final Invoice to Nebraska FBLA. (Mailing address on invoice)
      ***Final invoice balance will not be correct until all room shares have been accepted.***
  • Nebraska FBLA will provide 2 Nebraska NLC trading pins and 2 Luggage Straps for each person traveling with the delegation.
    • If your chapter would like to order additional pins for trading, please complete the order form following the directions on the form.
    • Submit the pin order to Shawna Koger, Arlington FBLA.


National Conference Registration – April 25 Deadline

Register online for the NLC by following the instructions on the national website at www.fbla‑

Send NLC registration payments to NLC/IFL Registration, PO Box 79130, Baltimore, MD 21279‑0130.

  • Print a copy of your online registration and keep a copy for your records.
  • Send a check made payable to FBLA-PBL: $120 early registration per member/adviser

 Keep a copy for your records of the following. Do not submit to Nebraska FBLA.

  • NLC online registration
  • Flight confirmation and reservation information
  • Nebraska Travel Blue Panda invoice (keep a copy for your records and send one with payment)
  • Chapter Permission Form
  • Medical Release Form (s), including one for the chapter adviser
    • If you have a Medical Release form from your school you may use that instead of the Nebraska FBLA one. Please make sure to have one for each student attending NLC with your chapter.
  • Independent Delegate Form
    (if student is traveling under the supervision of another adviser)

Project Event Entries – Deadline May 6

Complete a separate online Statement of Assurance form at for each of the following competitive events. Before completing the form, make sure you have all information requested for the form, including live URLs (if needed), software used, source(s) of information, copyright notations, and source of templates used.

  • 3-D Animation
  • Coding and Programming
  • Computer Game and Simulation Programming
  • Digital Video Production – Videos must be uploaded with YouTube URL (unlisted) provided
  • E-business
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website Design


Report Event Entries – Deadline May 6

Complete a separate online Wufoo NLC Report Submission Form at for each of the following reports. Before completing the form, make sure you have all information requested for the form, including live URLs (if needed), software used, source(s) of information, copyright notations, and source of templates used. Please double check that you have followed all National Event Guidelines and Rubrics!

NOTE: Please use the following naming convention: FBLA_eventcode_state_schoolname.pdf Event codes are in parenthesis.

  • American Enterprise Project (AEP)
  • Business Plan (BP)
  • Business Financial Plan (BFP)
  • Community Service Project (CSP)
  • Local Chapter Annual Business Report (LCABR)
  • Partnership with Business Project (PwB)


Interview Event Entries – Deadline May 6

Email the entries in the following competitive events to Nebraska FBLA, Make sure you have reviewed the national event guidelines for specific details on event requirements and document/media labeling.

  • Future Business Leader cover letter and resume.
  • Job Interview cover letter and resume.

NOTE: Please use the following naming convention: Lastname_Firstname_Resume.pdf and Lastname_Firstname_CoverLetter.pdf