National Leadership Conference

At the National Leadership Conference (NLC) FBLA-PBL members have the competitive edge, as the best and brightest of FBLA and PBL convene to compete in leadership events, share their successes, and learn new ideas about shaping their career future through workshops and exhibits. This four-day conference is considered the pinnacle of the FBLA-PBL experience, especially for those running for national office. FBLA-PBL has forged partnerships with industry leaders to underwrite competitive events and scholarships for students achieving national ranking.

2024 National Leadership Conference

Conference Agenda:

June 27 – Travel Day

June 28 – Tour Day (possible Disney/Universal Options)

June 29 – Conference Day (Required Nebraska Meeting 8 am)

June 30 – Conference Day

July 1 – Conference Day (Finals – Watch presentation events)

July 2 – Awards Program

July 3 – Travel Day


Nebraska FBLA Group Travel Costs for NLC 2024 – Orlando, FL.

Cost breakdown available by March 1.


Conference Registration:

  • Students – $195.00
  • Advisers – $100.00

Conference registration is done on the national website separate from the Nebraska FBLA Travel package.

Chaperone Policy: 


FBLA, Inc. Housing Policy for the National Leadership Conference (NLC)

Housing Requirement
FBLA members, advisers, and parents/guardians/chaperones/guests are required to stay in a hotel that is part of the FBLA housing block of hotels. FBLA requires full conference registration from student members, advisers, and school-approved chaperones. Student members who are not staying in an official FBLA hotel will not be considered full conference registrants and therefore not permitted to compete. The availability of a preferred room type will not provide an exemption from this policy.

Eligibility for Housing
Only registered conference attendees are eligible to take advantage of the FBLA-negotiated conference room rates within the FBLA housing block. To accommodate FBLA members and for the safety of all attendees, every guest staying within the FBLA conference block must be registered for the conference.

Housing blocks will be audited against the official registration roster to ensure that attendees comply with the policy.

Extenuating Circumstances
If there are extenuating circumstances, a written request for a waiver may be submitted through the state adviser to the FBLA conference registrar.

Nebraska FBLA Registration Guide

Adviser Instructions:

  1. Complete the Y/N Google Spreadsheet to identify competitors and update teams
  2. Find Roommates using Roommate Finder Spreadsheet
  3. Complete Blue Panda Registration for Nebraska FBLA participants. Housing is required through Nebraska FBLA.
    Deadline: May 1
  4. Register for the Conference and submit competitive event information to the National FBLA.
    Deadline: May 1
  5. Submit prejudge reports and any files to the national conference registration Blue Panda.
    Deadline: May 6 at Noon

Important Dates:

April 19 – Deadline for Nebraska NLC Y/N Google Spreadsheet Completion to identify NLC Competitors

May 1 – Nebraska FBLA – Blue Panda – Nebraska Travel package, Hotel reservations/room shares for all Nebraska attendees (members, advisers, and guests)

Find a roommate Google Spreadsheet

May 1 – Conference Registration Deadline for Nebraska Competitors and participants on the National FBLA BluePanda site.

May 10 – Nebraska FBLA State Adviser Deadline to review all competitors on the National BluePanda site. **Must match what is submitted to Nebraska FBLA for approval. 
*No changes allowed after 3 pm CST on May 10. (only drops after May 10 are allowed)

June 12 – Nebraska FBLA NLC Prep Day for Presentation Events (Omaha and Kearney)
*Job Interview and Future Business Leader (Required)

**Objective Test Only use textbooks to study the competencies found in NLC Event Guidelines.

***Computer Skill Events: use to review vocabulary to study for the objective test part for NLC.

May 15 – All conference registration and Nebraska Travel payments must be received.

*Payments not received by the deadline for conference registration will mean the competitor is DQ from the event(s).