2015 Commissioner’s Recognition for Excellence in Career Education

2015 Commissioner’s Recognition for Excellence in Career Education

Photos from the 2015 Commissioner’s Recognition can be found here.




One hundred fourteen Nebraska Career Education students were recognized in November for national awards they received earlier this year.

Commissioner of Education Dr. Matthew Blomstedt and Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley recognized the Nebraska Career Education students who received first, second, third place or finalist awards during national leadership and skills competition held by their respective Career Student Organizations. The students were recognized during a November 23 reception at the Nebraska State Capitol Rotunda. The following students are members of DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, Educators Rising, PBL and SkillsUSA, Nebraska Career and Technical Student Organizations.

FBLA Award Winners:

  • Kamryn Timm, Trevor Koger, and Catie Theiler of Arlington High School
  • Eric Le and Jacob Shiers of Lincoln Southwest High School
  • Cody McCain and Riley Knust of Tri County High School
  • Heather Bentley of Amherst High School
  • Mia Kegley of Kearney High School
  • Josh Jones, Nate Brown, and Zach Brown of Bellevue East High School
  • Brenna Backemeyer of Elmwood-Murdock High School
  • Kaitlyn Quiring and Colton Siebert of Heartland Community High School
  • Kristen Bell, Allison Penner, and Alex Schneider of Aurora High School
  • Paige Nelson, Madeline Hall, and Cristian Perdomo of Bellevue West High School

FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, provides career development programs for students interested in business administration, management, finance and information technology careers.

2015 NLC Results

Accounting II

Third Place: Colton Siebert, Heartland 

Banking and Financial Systems

First Place: Kami Timm, Catie Theiler and Trevor Koger, Arlington
Third Place: Eric Le and Jacob Shiers, Lincoln Southwest

Business Presentation

Fourth Place: Sam Hennings, Tori Clausen and Clair Vanness, Wausa
Fifth Place: Kendra Alberts, Johnson-Brock

Desktop Publishing

Ninth Place: Claire Kuenne and Makenna Wallin, Chase County

Emerging Business Issues

Third Place: Krissy Bell, Allison Penner and Alex Schneider, Aurora
Ninth Place: Natalie Elwood, Mirissa Scholting and Naomi Snyder, Elmwood-Murdock

Future Business Leader

Second Place: Brenna Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock
Eighth Place: Samantha Teten, Johnson-Brock

Local Chapter Annual Business Report

Fourth Place: Brandon Frates, Callie Zeorian and Owen Kunz, Elmwood-Murdock

Management Decision Making

Ninth Place: Ojus Jain and Alicia Zeng, Lincoln East
Tenth Place: Bradie Schmidt, Blake Bracht and Natalie Schmidt, Arlington

Mobile Application Development

Eighth Place: Edmon Adams, Omaha Westside

Network Design

First Place: Nate Brown, Josh Jones and Zach Brown, Bellevue East
Tenth Place: Devin Duren, Thomas Kinman and Austin Shroder, Grand Island Senior High

Parliamentary Procedure

First Place: Cody McCain and Riley Knust, Tri County; Heather Bentley, Amherst; Mia Kegley, Kearney

Partnership with Business Project

Third Place: Cristian Perdomo, Paige Nelson and Madeline Hall, Bellevue West

Sales Presentation

Fourth Place: Ali Faber, Aurora

Sports and Entertainment Management

Seventh Place: Matt Jensen and Brandon Keffer, Arlington
Ninth Place: Tommie Brechbill, Ashley Colwell, Sally Brechbill, Stanton

Word Processing

Second Place: Kaitlyn Quiring, Heartland



Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship

Trevor Koger, Arlington



2014 NLC Event Winners

Congratulations to our competitors!


American Enterprise Project

First Place: Wyatt Stroy, Natalie Elwood, and Brenna Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock

Banking and Financial Systems

Fifth Place:  Katharine Garrett and Kaitlyn Opplinger, Blair

Business Financial Plan

Third Place: Michaela Mapes, Omaha Westside

Business Plan

Eighth Place: Amzie Dunekacke, Erin Bohling, and Julia Oestmann, Johnson-Brock

Business Presentation

Ninth Place: Claire Vanness, Austin Conn, and Leanna Rosberg, Wausa

Desktop Publishing

Fourth Place: Kyle Bogatz and John Willey, Elmwood-Murdock Fifth Place: Makenna Wallin, Chase County Seventh Place: Trevor McQuay and Kylie Wiegert, Wausa


Ninth Place: Jennifer Russell, Waverly

Electronic Career Portfolio

Seventh Place: Colton Allen, Aurora

Emerging Business Issues

Sixth Place: Trevor Lockman and Brenna Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock Eighth Place: Nate Jurgensmeier, Dana Meduna, and Austin Barry, Bishop Neumann


Fourth Place: Allison Braun, Cody Kroeker, and Colton Siebert, Heartland

Future Business Leader

Eighth Place: Kelsey Bohling, Johnson-Brock

Global Business

First Place: Ojus Jain, Elliot Sandfort, and Alicia Zeng, Lincoln East

Health Care Administration

Tenth Place: Jocelyn Daubendiek, Elkhorn High

Hospitality Management

Seventh Place: Adrienne Cavill and Tianna Engen, Kearney High

Insurance and Risk Management

Third Place: Paul Weber, Cedar Bluffs

Introduction to Business

Seventh Place: Ethan Hall, Heartland Tenth Place: Leslie Braun, Heartland

Introduction to Information Technology

Sixth Place: Mason Goodman, Blair

Job Interview

Third Place: Julie Slama, Auburn

Management Information Systems

Tenth Place: River Towne, Jared Frenzel, and Eli Kennedy, Auburn

Parliamentary Procedure

First Place: Dylan Steinkruger, Minden; Cody McCain, Tri County; Abi Sheen, Kearney High; Anna Bauerle, Chase County

Partnership with Business Project

Tenth Place: Aaron Halvorsen, Emily Harsin, and Jameson Bennett, Syracuse

Public Service Announcement

Fourth Place: Callie Zeorian and Lindsay Mills, Elmwood-Murdock Sixth Place: Kendra Alberts, Johnson-Brock

Public Speaking II

Sixth Place: Katie Ruth, Adams Central

Sports and Entertainment Management

Seventh Place: Trevor Koger, Blake Bracht, and Dillon O’Flaherty, Arlington Tenth Place: Caleb Goeken and Tommie Brechbill, Stanton



2013 SLC Results

Congratulations to each of our winners!


Future Business Leader

  1. Trevor Sorensen, Minden
  2. Brent Comstock, Auburn
  3. Ashley Quiring, Heartland
  4. Sally Moore, Fillmore Central
  5. Bryant Grimminger, Raymond Central
  6. Manizha Kholmatov, Lincoln East
  7. Zach Biere, Kearney
  8. Austin Koch, Lincoln East

Accounting I

  1. Colton Siebert, Heartland
  2. Matt Blunck, Osmond
  3. Elizabeth Galliart, Grand Island Northwest
  4. Rahmeen Bahramzad, Lincoln East
  5. Ryan Lunz, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge
  6. Daniel Wiese, Osmond
  7. Megan Goesch, West Boyd
  8. Kelsey Bohling, Johnson-Brock

Accounting II

  1. Trevor Sorensen, Minden
  2. Aaron Estrada, Bellevue West
  3. Haley Oberbrockling, Kearney
  4. Beth Koca, Fillmore Central
  5. Jessica Stednitz, Bellevue West
  6. Cathleen Drinkmann, Meridian
  7. Beth Morris, Aurora
  8. Gavin Friedrich, Wausa

American Enterprise Project

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Fairbury
  3. Malcolm
  4. Fillmore Central
  5. Raymond Central
  6. Bellevue West
  7. Chadron
  8. Arlington

Banking and Financial Systems

  1. Minden BFS Team 2 Nielsen-Sorensen
  2. Arlington BFS Team 1 Bastian-Miller-Koger
  3. Lincoln East BFS Team 1 Root-Chen
  4. Lincoln East BFS Team 2 Rajagopal-Jia
  5. Mitchell BFS Team 1 Gilliland-Reifschneider
  6. Bennington BFS Team 1 Siekman-Dotzler
  7. Blair BFS Team 1 Demers-Jennings-Kramer
  8. Auburn BFS Team 2 Krause-Kennedy-Frenzel

Business Calculations

  1. Tianye Chen, Lincoln East
  2. Akshay Rajagopal, Lincoln East
  3. Jordan Nash, Adams Central
  4. Justin Aaberg, Stanton
  5. Laurel Krohn, Osmond
  6. Sarah Moody, Seward
  7. Katie Sedlar, Lincoln East
  8. Jesse Ackerman, Adams Central

Business Communication

  1. Kate Garrett, Blair
  2. Sarah Moody, Seward
  3. Catherine Burns, Lincoln High
  4. Manizha Kholmatov, Lincoln East
  5. Morgan Kumm, Wausa
  6. Caleb Dostal, Malcolm
  7. Kadie Bond, Elkhorn High
  8. Eric Ternus, Humphrey St. Francis

Business Ethics

  1. Aurora
  2. Elmwood-Murdock
  3. Stanton
  4. Dundy County Stratton
  5. Kearney
  6. Minden
  7. Auburn
  8. Wilber-Clatonia

Business Financial Plan

  1. Johnson-Brock
  2. Meridian
  3. Stanton
  4. Syracuse
  5. Arlington
  6. Wilber-Clatonia
  7. Litchfield
  8. Cozad

Business Law

  1. Austin Barry, Bishop Neumann
  2. Jesse Ackerman, Adams Central
  3. Allison Braun, Heartland
  4. Griffin York, Southern Valley
  5. Alex Johnson, Blair
  6. Tanner Evans, Gretna
  7. Alicia Lambert, Southern Valley
  8. Amy Demers, Blair

Business Math

  1. Trevor Lockman, Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Kaitlyn Oppliger, Blair
  3. Aaron Halvorsen, Syracuse
  4. Marcus Fox, Dundy County Stratton
  5. Karsten Schuetze, West Point-Beemer
  6. Michelle Krzycki, Lincoln Southeast
  7. Jacob Nutter, Fillmore Central
  8. Conor Young, Cozad

Business Plan

  1. Meridian
  2. Johnson-Brock
  3. Bellevue West
  4. Auburn
  5. Lincoln Southeast
  6. Kearney
  7. Syracuse
  8. Morrill

Business Presentation

  1. Columbus Lakeview
  2. Elmwood-Murdock
  3. Aurora
  4. Wausa
  5. Kearney
  6. Minden
  7. Centennial
  8. Johnson-Brock

Business Procedures

  1. Seth Berggren, Blair
  2. Lauren Kuta, Columbus Scotus
  3. Ashley Quiring, Heartland
  4. George Chen, Lincoln East
  5. Alex Johnson, Blair
  6. Brent Beethe, Johnson County Central
  7. Jessica Gangstad, Fillmore Central
  8. Andrew Wunderlich, Lincoln East

Client Service

  1. Alex Boulton, Arlington
  2. Abby Cerveny, Aurora
  3. Cade Duvel, Dundy County Stratton
  4. Anna Bornemeier, Elmwood-Murdock
  5. Kelsey Bohling, Johnson-Brock
  6. Izak Wilcynski, Twin River
  7. Ashli Soukup, Meridian
  8. Claire Schulte, Auburn

Community Service Project

  1. Bellevue East
  2. Blair
  3. Dundy County Stratton
  4. Sandhills
  5. Raymond Central
  6. Minden
  7. Twin River
  8. Lincoln East

Computer Applications

  1. Ashli Soukup, Meridian
  2. Taylor Marten, Sandhills
  3. Kaity Klein, Twin River
  4. Akshay Rajagopal, Lincoln East
  5. Bailey Cerveny, Wilber-Clatonia
  6. Falicia Shepardson, Litchfield
  7. Paul Weber, Cedar Bluffs
  8. Megan Goesch, West Boyd

Computer Game and Simulation Programming

  1. Lincoln North Star
  2. Lincoln East
  3. Omaha South
  4. Tri County

Computer Problem Solving

  1. Michael Forsman, Aurora
  2. Andy Adkisson, Omaha North
  3. Brandon Franklin, Bellevue West
  4. Troy Smith, Omaha South
  5. Seth Berggren, Blair
  6. Jake Weskamp, York
  7. Seth Fosket, Aurora
  8. Ryan Lunz, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge

Cyber Security

  1. Brandon Franklin, Bellevue West
  2. Megan Goesch, West Boyd
  3. Curtis Karel, Johnson-Brock
  4. Michael Forsman, Aurora
  5. Austin Sampson, Arlington
  6. Jaedin Switzer, Sandy Creek
  7. Kale Peterson, Arlington
  8. Melissa Christiansen, Stanton

Database Design and Applications

  1. Megan Goesch, West Boyd
  2. Noah Springer, Cedar Bluffs
  3. Tyler Ebeler, Johnson-Brock
  4. Yesenia Nunez, Meridian
  5. Brandon Keffer, Arlington
  6. Amy Chen, Gibbon
  7. Blake Bracht, Arlington
  8. Nachia Olsen, Omaha Westside

Desktop Application Programming

  1. Aurora
  2. Omaha South

Desktop Publishing

  1. Wausa
  2. Pleasanton
  3. Litchfield
  4. Milford
  5. Meridian
  6. Chadron
  7. Wilber-Clatonia
  8. Heartland

Digital Design and Promotion

  1. Bellevue East
  2. Milford
  3. Raymond Central
  4. Minden
  5. Elmwood-Murdock
  6. Wausa
  7. Sandhills
  8. Syracuse

Digital Video Production

  1. Aurora
  2. Auburn
  3. Wausa
  4. Laurel-Concord-Coleridge
  5. Johnson-Brock
  6. Wilber-Clatonia
  7. Bellevue West
  8. Elmwood-Murdock


  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Minden
  3. Tri County
  4. Dundy County Stratton
  5. Johnson-Brock
  6. Stanton
  7. Syracuse
  8. Pleasanton


  1. Akshay Rajagopal, Lincoln East
  2. Ashley Quiring, Heartland
  3. Andrew Wunderlich, Lincoln East
  4. Myan Bhoopalam, Lincoln East
  5. Steve Lesher, Kearney
  6. Dean Detten, Gretna
  7. Tianye Chen, Lincoln East
  8. Jacob Blank, Gretna

Electronic Career Portfolio

  1. Alex Raun, Minden
  2. Mikah Wright, Elmwood-Murdock
  3. Ashlee Fish, Centennial
  4. Kailey Rader, Adams Central
  5. Madison Bastian, Arlington
  6. Katie Sedlar, Lincoln East
  7. Nicholas Behrends, Johnson-Brock
  8. Miakela Karpan, Mitchell

Emerging Business Issues

  1. Aurora
  2. Elmwood-Murdock
  3. Seward
  4. Johnson-Brock
  5. Kearney
  6. Auburn
  7. Dundy County Stratton
  8. Syracuse


  1. Heartland ENP Team 1 Braun-Quiring-Carr
  2. Aurora ENP Team 2 Ashby-Braun-Fosket
  3. Omaha Benson ENP Team 1 Harbor-Ross-Gwinn
  4. Kearney ENP Team 1 Sears-Lesher-Biere
  5. Lincoln East ENP Team 1 Nagle-Wunderlich
  6. Bennington ENP Team 1 Stansberry-Milliken
  7. Tri County ENP Team 2 Spilker-McCain-Knust
  8. Wahoo ENP Team 1 Vrana-Urban-States

FBLA Principles and Procedures

  1. Samantha Teten, Johnson-Brock
  2. Debra Seeley, Bellevue West
  3. Nicole Kent, Dundy County Stratton
  4. Brandon Keffer, Arlington
  5. Madison Klar, Tri County
  6. Trevor Lockman, Elmwood-Murdock
  7. William Stokebrand, Tri County
  8. Trevor Koger, Arlington

Global Business

  1. Lincoln East GBS Team 1 Bhoopalam-Chen-Rajagopal
  2. Elmwood-Murdock GBS Team 1 Brown-Hromanik-Jones
  3. Lincoln Southwest GBS Team 1 Peterson-Le
  4. Southern Valley GBS Team 1 York-Lambert
  5. Lincoln Southeast GBS Team 1 Hua-Shuster-Crabtree
  6. Blair GBS Team 1 Kavanaugh-Grossoehme
  7. Aurora GBS Team 1 Boerkircher-Regier-Ziska
  8. Lincoln East GBS Team 2 Burris-Sims

Health Care Administration

  1. Ryan Lunz, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge
  2. Sally Moore, Fillmore Central
  3. Thanh Vo, Lincoln Southwest
  4. Tyler Stansberry, Bennington
  5. Gabe Fisher, McCool Junction
  6. Morgan Brummels, Osmond
  7. Brooke Nielsen, West Point-Beemer
  8. Mason Holmes, Chase County

Help Desk

  1. Michael Forsman, Aurora
  2. Curtis Karel, Johnson-Brock
  3. Troy Smith, Omaha South
  4. Kale Peterson, Arlington
  5. Rahmeen Bahramzad, Lincoln East
  6. Jason Kneifl, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge
  7. Eyobe Mills, Lincoln Southeast
  8. Ryan Lunz, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge

Hospitality Management

  1. Justin Aaberg, Stanton
  2. Dean Detten, Gretna
  3. Manizha Kholmatov, Lincoln East
  4. Victoria Benson, Platteview
  5. Paul Weber, Cedar Bluffs
  6. Austin Casper, Boone Central
  7. Sarah Moody, Seward
  8. Shannon Jones, Mitchell

Impromptu Speaking

  1. Carl Heinicke, Seward
  2. Bryant Grimminger, Raymond Central
  3. Shelby Thayer, Platteview
  4. Alex Johnson, Blair
  5. Dylan Steinkruger, Minden
  6. Jon Krings, Humphrey St. Francis
  7. Evan Davies, Concordia
  8. Elijah Kennedy, Auburn

Introduction to Business

  1. Bryce Frey, Neligh-Oakdale
  2. Haley Huebert, Heartland
  3. Colton Siebert, Heartland
  4. Owen Wurst, Heartland
  5. Anna Berggren, Blair
  6. Michaela Mapes, Omaha Westside
  7. Trevor Koger, Arlington
  8. Darin Barth, Sumner-Eddyville-Miller

Introduction to Business Communication

  1. Austin Van Velson, Seward
  2. Marcus Fox, Dundy County Stratton
  3. Josh Lampe, Omaha Roncalli
  4. Breanna Jacobitz, Adams Central
  5. Trevor Lockman, Elmwood-Murdock
  6. Staci Bartels, Platteview
  7. Jeni Mulherin, Elkhorn High
  8. Clare Benes, Bishop Neumann

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

  1. Cody McCain, Tri County
  2. Trevor Koger, Arlington
  3. Becca Laub, Grand Island Northwest
  4. Trevor Lockman, Elmwood-Murdock
  5. Abi Sheen, Kearney
  6. Matt Jensen, Arlington
  7. Kendra Alberts, Johnson-Brock
  8. Dillon O’Flaherty, Arlington

Introduction to Technology Concepts

  1. Blake Bracht, Arlington
  2. Austin Van Velson, Seward
  3. Emin Tahirov, Elkhorn High
  4. Tristan Attebery, Johnson County Central
  5. Cody Rieken, Johnson County Central
  6. Jared Fuelberth, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge
  7. Mason Goodman, Blair
  8. Colton Siebert, Heartland

Job Interview

  1. Brent Comstock, Auburn
  2. Trevor Sorensen, Minden
  3. Beth Morris, Aurora
  4. Brittany Ward, Bellevue West
  5. Alex Boulton, Arlington
  6. Sally Moore, Fillmore Central
  7. Cole Ashby, Aurora
  8. Catherine Burns, Lincoln High
  9. Ashley Quiring, Heartland
  10. Manizha Kholmatov, Lincoln East

Keyboarding Knowledge

  1. Haley Huebert, Heartland
  2. Samantha Hoppe, Syracuse
  3. Marissa Campbell, Litchfield
  4. Breanna Jacobitz, Adams Central
  5. Jake Senff, Shelton
  6. Zacchaeus Benesh, Twin River
  7. Shawna Paitz, Litchfield
  8. Amber Armatys, Cedar Rapids

Local Chapter Annual Business Report

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Columbus Lakeview
  3. Raymond Central
  4. Twin River
  5. Blair
  6. Dundy County Stratton
  7. Arlington
  8. Minden

Management Decision Making

  1. Centennial MDM Team 1 Dey-Scheele
  2. Johnson-Brock MDM Team 1 Bohling-Carbajal-Bohling
  3. Aurora MDM Team 1 Wilson-Morris-Hackett
  4. Arlington MDM Team 2 Lathrop-Fogg-Wiese
  5. Norfolk Catholic MDM Team 1 Giraud-Arlt-Wieser
  6. Elmwood-Murdock MDM Team 2 Steffen-Wright-Tuttle
  7. Humphrey St. Francis MDM 1 Werner-Foltz-Krings
  8. Gretna MDM Team 1 Kramer-Evans-Glassburner

Management Information Systems

  1. Arlington MIS Team 1 Bracht-Peterson-Timm
  2. Omaha North MIS Team 1 Adkisson-Lust
  3. Auburn MIS Team 1 Towne-Towne
  4. Bellevue East MIS Team 1 Johnson-Hedglen-Brink
  5. Arlington MIS Team 2 Boulton-Miskie-Hagemeister
  6. Laurel-Conc-Col MIS 1 Groene-Hirschman-Dietrich
  7. Bellevue East MIS Tm 2 Hollandsworth-Ybay-Andahl


  1. Bennington MKG Team 1 Milliken-Stansberry-Siekman
  2. Elmwood-Murdock MKG Tm 1 Oehlerking-Tuttle-Bowman
  3. Lincoln East MKG Team 1 Dawes-Koch-Kholmatov
  4. Omaha Westside MKG Team 1 Wilwerding-Abisset
  5. Lincoln Southwest MKG Team 1 Spurrier-Peterson
  6. Bellevue West MKG Team 2 Mendoza-Garcia-Dalia
  7. Gretna MKG Team 1 Glassburner-Kramer-Evans
  8. Aurora MKG Team 1 Hunt-Schmidt-Fosket

Network Design

  1. York NDN Team 1 Wagner-Weskamp-Miller
  2. Auburn NDN Team 1 Towne-Towne
  3. Cozad NDN Team 1 German-Young
  4. Omaha North NDN Team 1 Lust-Adkisson
  5. Bellevue East NDN Team 1 Mlady-Brink-Mickelson
  6. Omaha North NDN Team 2 Lieb-Flemons

Networking Concepts

  1. Jared Knust, Tri County
  2. Curtis Karel, Johnson-Brock
  3. Cory Young, Cozad
  4. John Chohon, Bishop Neumann
  5. Avery Miller, York
  6. Troy Smith, Omaha South
  7. Sebastian Jennings, Elkhorn High
  8. Jacob Blank, Gretna

Parliamentary Procedure

  1. Trevor Sorensen, Minden
  2. Amy Chen, Gibbon
  3. Seth Berggren, Blair
  4. Dylan Steinkruger, Minden
  5. Trevor Koger, Arlington
  6. Sally Moore, Fillmore Central
  7. Julia Oestmann, Johnson-Brock
  8. Mason Holmes, Chase County

Parliamentary Procedure National Team

  • Trevor Sorensen, Minden
  • Amy Chen, Gibbon
  • Seth Berggren, Blair
  • Dylan Steinkruger, Minden

Parliamentary Procedure Team

  1. Gibbon
  2. Fillmore Central
  3. Blair
  4. Chase County

Partnership with Business

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Blair
  3. Bellevue West
  4. Auburn
  5. Arlington
  6. Chadron
  7. Dundy County Stratton

Personal Finance

  1. Brent Beethe, Johnson County Central
  2. Elizabeth Peterson, Lincoln Southwest
  3. Cody Ernesti, West Point-Beemer
  4. Trevor Sorensen, Minden
  5. Sally Moore, Fillmore Central
  6. Melissa Christiansen, Stanton
  7. Amy Chen, Gibbon
  8. Andrew Wunderlich, Lincoln East


  1. Shawna Paitz, Litchfield
  2. Nicole Wardyn, Litchfield
  3. Marissa Campbell, Litchfield
  4. Trevor Mckeown, Norfolk High
  5. Haylee Teutsch, Gretna
  6. Madisyn Ayres, Minden
  7. Amber Armatys, Cedar Rapids
  8. Caleb Krohn, Osmond

Public Speaking I

  1. Colin Hensel, Bellevue East
  2. Katie Ruth, Adams Central
  3. Nicole Kent, Dundy County Stratton
  4. Sarah Antes, Syracuse
  5. Alyson Smock, Cozad
  6. Paige Wergin, Aurora
  7. Makayla Coan, Columbus Lakeview
  8. Nicholas Eichelberger, Fillmore Central

Public Speaking II

  1. Zoe Tuttle, Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Lorianna Harkey, Bellevue West
  3. Lane Grimes, Columbus Lakeview
  4. Bridget Fleischer, Lincoln East
  5. Brianna Schuck, Adams Central
  6. Julia Oestmann, Johnson-Brock
  7. Emily Siebrandt, Seward
  8. Julie Slama, Auburn


  1. Austin Van Velson, Seward
  2. Grant Moles, Johnson County Central
  3. Jeb Vavak, Ashland-Greenwood
  4. Gina Grady, Heartland
  5. Logan Sampson, Arlington
  6. Tyler Craven, Ashland-Greenwood
  7. Samaatha Rosa, Omaha Roncalli
  8. Ricky Nunez, Meridian

Sports Management

  1. Blake Bracht, Arlington
  2. Dalton Dey, Centennial
  3. Logan Deckard, Concordia
  4. Ben Fletcher, Concordia
  5. Laurel Krohn, Osmond
  6. Jacob Blank, Gretna
  7. Jill Sobczyk, Omaha Mercy
  8. Alec McCarthy, Elkhorn South

Spreadsheet Applications

  1. Gavin Friedrich, Wausa
  2. Dominic Richardson, Syracuse
  3. Taylor Marten, Sandhills
  4. Jared Frenzel, Auburn
  5. Jaedin Switzer, Sandy Creek
  6. Elijah Kennedy, Auburn
  7. Drew Endorf, Meridian
  8. Cody Spencer, Gibbon

Technology Concepts

  1. Curtis Karel, Johnson-Brock
  2. Seth Berggren, Blair
  3. Michael Forsman, Aurora
  4. Paul Weber, Cedar Bluffs
  5. Ryan Brink, Bellevue East
  6. Ethan Weber, Conestoga
  7. Megan Goesch, West Boyd
  8. Brandon Franklin, Bellevue West

Web Site Development

  1. Tri County
  2. Elmwood-Murdock
  3. Gibbon
  4. Auburn
  5. Syracuse
  6. Pleasanton
  7. Raymond Central
  8. Stanton

Word Processing I

  1. Colton Siebert, Heartland
  2. Rebekah Larson, Heartland
  3. Eve Vanderneck, Heartland
  4. Kaylee Fike, Sandy Creek
  5. McKenna Friesen, Heartland
  6. Shaina Simonson, Sandhills
  7. Frankie Sierks, Sandhills
  8. Mandi Stansberry, Cedar Bluffs

Word Processing II

  1. Ashley Quiring, Heartland
  2. Taylor Marten, Sandhills
  3. Jacy Spencer, Sandhills
  4. Mallory Clinger, Centura
  5. Ann Endorf, Meridian
  6. Mikaelyn Dick, Heartland
  7. Ashlyn Roth, Centura
  8. Chelsea Wiese, Osmond



FBLA Scholarship

  • Brent Comstock, Auburn
  • Amy Demers, Blair

Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda State and National Dues Award Membership Scholarship

  • Brent Comstock, Auburn
  • Taylor Marten, Sandhills

Golden Round Table Award

  • Aurora assisted Bishop Neumann
  • Kearney assisted Overton
  • Sargent assisted Loup County

Businesspersons of the Year Award

  • Jeffrey Harvey, Administrator – Good Samaritan
  • Emily Petersen, 2nd Vice President of Marketing – Washington County Bank
  • Brian E. McHugh, President – Corn Growers State Bank

Market Share Award

  1. Wausa – 85%
  2. Columbus Lakeview – 72%
  3. Stanton Middle Level – 39%

Foundation Fundraising

  1. Blair
  2. Syracuse
  3. Arlington

Largest Chapter Increase

  1. Omaha Westside – 156%
  2. Lincoln North Star – 129%
  3. Papillion-La Vista High 118%

Largest Chapter Membership – Class A

  1. Omaha Burke
  2. Bellevue West

Largest Chapter Membership – Class B

  1. Blair
  2. Adams Central

Largest Chapter Membership – Class C

  1. Columbus Lakeview
  2. Arlington

Largest Chapter Membership – Class D

  1. Cedar Bluffs
  2. Wausa

Market Share Award

  1. Wausa – 85%
  2. Columbus Lakeview – 72%
  3. Stanton Middle Level – 39%