More than 390 Nebraska students, advisers, and guests recently attended the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) National Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Nebraska FBLA members competed June 28-July 1 in 71 competitive events. More than 9,000 FBLA members from 46 states, as well as U.S. territories and international chapters, attended the conference.


During the conference, members participated in leadership workshops, competitive events, and toured the city of Baltimore. This year’s theme was “Elevate Your Future.”


Nebraska members brought home 15 Top Ten awards. Click here to see our Top Ten award winners.

2015 Commissioner’s Recognition for Excellence in Career Education

Photos from the 2015 Commissioner’s Recognition can be found here.




One hundred fourteen Nebraska Career Education students were recognized in November for national awards they received earlier this year.

Commissioner of Education Dr. Matthew Blomstedt and Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley recognized the Nebraska Career Education students who received first, second, third place or finalist awards during national leadership and skills competition held by their respective Career Student Organizations. The students were recognized during a November 23 reception at the Nebraska State Capitol Rotunda. The following students are members of DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, Educators Rising, PBL and SkillsUSA, Nebraska Career and Technical Student Organizations.

FBLA Award Winners:

  • Kamryn Timm, Trevor Koger, and Catie Theiler of Arlington High School
  • Eric Le and Jacob Shiers of Lincoln Southwest High School
  • Cody McCain and Riley Knust of Tri County High School
  • Heather Bentley of Amherst High School
  • Mia Kegley of Kearney High School
  • Josh Jones, Nate Brown, and Zach Brown of Bellevue East High School
  • Brenna Backemeyer of Elmwood-Murdock High School
  • Kaitlyn Quiring and Colton Siebert of Heartland Community High School
  • Kristen Bell, Allison Penner, and Alex Schneider of Aurora High School
  • Paige Nelson, Madeline Hall, and Cristian Perdomo of Bellevue West High School

FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, provides career development programs for students interested in business administration, management, finance and information technology careers.

National Outstanding Chapters

The following chapters are recipients of the National FBLA Outstanding Chapter Award:

  • Blair
  • Dundy County Stratton
  • Elmwood-Murdock
  • Fillmore Central
  • Johnson-Brock

Congratulations to these five chapters!

Numerous other Nebraska chapters are currently meeting the majority of the activities for this award and could receive the recognition next year. You just need to apply!

Check out the requirements at this link to plan for the award next year.


National FBLA Wall of Fame Members

Congratulations to Pat Hinkle from Bellevue West and Shawna Koger from Arlington for being named to the National FBLA Wall of Fame! Nebraska advisers added to the Wall of Fame are nominated by their state adviser after meeting a minimum of 20 years of FBLA service plus a minimum of 5 additional criteria points. Pat and Shawna will be recognized at the NLC in Chicago.

We welcome these outstanding advisers to the 27 other Nebraska FBLA advisers who are Wall of Fame members!


New FBLA Board of Directors Member – Jan Osborn

Congratulations to Jan Osborn from Sargent for being elected to the Nebraska FBLA Board of Directors!

Jan will serve a three-year term with the current FBLA Board Members: Dennis Krejci from Tri County, Board Chairman; Dawn Friedrich from Wausa; Shawn Mulligan from Adams Central; Brenda Budler from Chadron; Josh Hinrichs from Lincoln Southwest and newly elected State President Nicole Kent.

The Board of Directors meets in July to plan for the 2015-2016 FBLA year.

2015 SLC Results

Congratulations to each of our winners!

Future Business Leader

  1. Brenna Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Emily Pawoll, Tekamah-Herman
  3. Samantha Teten, Johnson-Brock
  4. Trevor Koger, Arlington
  5. Myan Bhoopalam, Lincoln East
  6. Colton Siebert, Heartland
  7. Austin Christensen, Gretna
  8. Shayla Mandl, Stanton


Accounting I

  1. Ethan Hall, Heartland
  2. Leslie Braun, Heartland
  3. Brooke Bonifas, Adams Central
  4. Brandon Keffer, Arlington
  5. Jorge Hernandez, Stanton
  6. Courtney Carlson, Syracuse
  7. Samantha Young, Syracuse
  8. Jackson Grasz, Concordia


Accounting II

  1. Bryce Frey, Neligh-Oakdale
  2. Colton Siebert, Heartland
  3. Jordan Burns, Wausa
  4. Tyler Zehr, West Point-Beemer
  5. Braxtyn DeGolyer, Syracuse
  6. Tyler Brown, Heartland
  7. Trevor Koger, Arlington
  8. Brenna Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock



  1. Joel Keim, Lincoln East
  2. Melissa Newkirk, Omaha Burke
  3. Samantha Teten, Johnson-Brock
  4. Caleb Krohn, Osmond
  5. Nicole Aschoff, Norfolk Catholic
  6. Melissa Bausch, Johnson County Central
  7. Alyssa Novak, Harvard
  8. Bradie Schmidt, Arlington


American Enterprise Project

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Arlington
  3. Twin River
  4. Raymond Central
  5. Fairbury
  6. Bellevue East
  7. Dundy County Stratton
  8. Malcolm


Banking and Financial Systems

  1. Omaha Westside Mapes-Stevenson
  2. Arlington Timm-Theiler-Koger
  3. Lincoln Southwest Le-Shiers
  4. Southern Valley Bose-Woodring
  5. Dundy County Stratton Frederick-Jensen
  6. Lincoln East Zeng-Bhoopalam-Jain
  7. Johnson County Central Moles-Purcell-Roddy
  8. Ashland-Greenwood Brauckmuller-Rohrbough


Business Calculations

  1. Trevor Mckeown, Norfolk High
  2. Matthew Kernen, Concordia
  3. Breanna Jacobitz, Adams Central
  4. Bryce Frey, Neligh-Oakdale
  5. Trevor Lockman, Elmwood-Murdock
  6. Allen Junker, Blair
  7. Grant Moles, Johnson County Central
  8. Austin Christensen, Gretna


Business Communication

  1. Brandon Warren, Lincoln Southeast
  2. Rachel Shackelford, Sandy Creek
  3. Allie Johnson, Chadron
  4. Daniel Mitchell, Milford
  5. Paige Wergin, Aurora
  6. Matthew Kernen, Concordia
  7. Haley Huebert, Heartland
  8. Journee Trimble, Stanton


Business Ethics

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Twin River
  3. Auburn
  4. Stanton
  5. Cozad
  6. Bishop Neumann
  7. Ashland-Greenwood
  8. Chadron


Business Financial Plan

  1. Omaha Westside
  2. Johnson-Brock
  3. Cozad
  4. Meridian
  5. Syracuse
  6. Wilber-Clatonia
  7. Arlington


Business Law

  1. Blake Bracht, Arlington
  2. Jackson Grasz, Concordia
  3. Nathen Varner, Bishop Neumann
  4. Austin Christensen, Gretna
  5. Clare Benes, Bishop Neumann
  6. Matt Jensen, Arlington
  7. Krissy Bell, Aurora
  8. Eli Lunquist, Raymond Central


Business Math

  1. Jae Hyun Lim, Lincoln Southwest
  2. Jack Arens, Ainsworth
  3. Keenan Allen, Lincoln East
  4. Brett Petersen, Blair
  5. Shruti Mishra, Lincoln East
  6. Hundter Biede, Adams Central
  7. Alicia Zeng, Lincoln East
  8. Stephanie Lund, Omaha Westside


Business Plan

  1. Johnson-Brock
  2. Ashland-Greenwood
  3. Syracuse
  4. Omaha Marian
  5. Kearney
  6. McCool Junction
  7. West Boyd
  8. Cozad


Business Presentation

  1. Stanton
  2. Wausa
  3. Johnson-Brock
  4. Aurora
  5. Minden
  6. Elmwood-Murdock
  7. Tekamah-Herman
  8. Papillion-La Vista High


Business Procedures

  1. Colton Siebert, Heartland
  2. Grant Moles, Johnson County Central
  3. Mason Goodman, Blair
  4. Austin Casper, Boone Central
  5. Derek Smith, Columbus Lakeview
  6. Kami Timm, Arlington
  7. Jocelyn Daubendiek, Elkhorn High
  8. Makenna Wallin, Chase County


Client Service

  1. John Alfs, Shickley
  2. Trey Cox, Aurora
  3. Emily Zakaras, Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Martin Nunez, Meridian
  5. Paige Kristensen, Minden
  6. Blake Fehringer, Twin River
  7. Jaden Moore, Norfolk High
  8. Michael Williams, Weeping Water


Community Service Project

  1. Fillmore Central
  2. Bellevue West
  3. Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Blair
  5. Dundy County Stratton
  6. Twin River
  7. Johnson-Brock
  8. Maywood


Computer Applications

  1. Braxtyn DeGolyer, Syracuse
  2. Samantha Young, Syracuse
  3. Leslie Braun, Heartland
  4. Bailey Cerveny, Wilber-Clatonia
  5. Alyssa Miller, Lawrence-Nelson
  6. Katrina Hansen, Elmwood-Murdock
  7. Blair Hofstetter, Meridian
  8. Mikayla Thomas, Weeping Water


Computer Game and Simulation Programming

  1. Bellevue East
  2. Grand Island Senior High Team Carey-Earl-Smith
  3. Lincoln North Star
  4. Bellevue West
  5. Blair
  6. Grand Island Senior High Team Marroquin-Perez


Computer Problem Solving

  1. Mitch Mead, Grand Island Senior High
  2. Brandon Warren, Lincoln Southeast
  3. Allen Junker, Blair
  4. Matthew Kernen, Concordia
  5. Mason Goodman, Blair
  6. Jaedin Switzer, Sandy Creek
  7. Devin Duren, Grand Island Senior High
  8. Felix Cui, Lincoln East


Cyber Security

  1. Zach Brown, Bellevue East
  2. Nate Brown, Bellevue East
  3. Mitch Mead, Grand Island Senior High
  4. Jennifer Russell, Waverly
  5. Matthew Kernen, Concordia
  6. Devin Duren, Grand Island Senior High
  7. Allen Junker, Blair
  8. Aaron Woods, Omaha Northwest Magnet


Database Design and Applications

  1. Gaby Montanez, Gibbon
  2. Ashli Soukup, Meridian
  3. Rachel Kraemer, Arlington
  4. Katrina Hansen, Elmwood-Murdock
  5. Cassie Feenstra, Cedar Bluffs
  6. Brian Arnold, Syracuse
  7. Emilee Sweley, Litchfield
  8. Miguel Ocampo, Cedar Bluffs


Desktop Application Programming

  1. Jared Frenzel, Auburn
  2. Zach Brown, Bellevue East
  3. Joe Taylor, Cambridge
  4. Nate Brown, Bellevue East


Desktop Publishing

  1. Wausa
  2. Chase County
  3. Heartland
  4. Dundy County Stratton
  5. Elmwood-Murdock
  6. Raymond Central
  7. Gibbon
  8. Columbus Lakeview


Digital Design and Promotion

  1. Milford
  2. Waverly
  3. Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Johnson-Brock
  5. Columbus Lakeview
  6. Aurora
  7. Wilber-Clatonia
  8. Arlington


Digital Video Production

  1. Wilcox-Hildreth
  2. Johnson-Brock
  3. Adams Central
  4. Thedford
  5. Sandy Creek
  6. Bellevue East
  7. Gibbon
  8. Elmwood-Murdock



  1. Bellevue East
  2. Cambridge
  3. Dundy County Stratton
  4. West Point-Beemer
  5. Minden
  6. Tekamah-Herman
  7. Adams Central
  8. Elmwood-Murdock



  1. Colton Siebert, Heartland
  2. Melissa Newkirk, Omaha Burke
  3. Tommie Brechbill, Stanton
  4. Jackson Grasz, Concordia
  5. Myan Bhoopalam, Lincoln East
  6. Alan Lee, Lincoln East
  7. Jameson Poth, Bellevue East
  8. Cody Wullenwaber, Bennington


Electronic Career Portfolio

  1. Samantha Teten, Johnson-Brock
  2. Trevor Koger, Arlington
  3. Josh Jones, Bellevue East
  4. Jake Kittle, Aurora
  5. Naomi Snyder, Elmwood-Murdock
  6. Jaden Moore, Norfolk High
  7. Grace Kraus, Crete
  8. Courtney Smith, Bellevue West


Emerging Business Issues

  1. Aurora
  2. Syracuse
  3. Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Laurel-Concord Coleridge
  5. Johnson-Brock
  6. Waverly
  7. Tri County
  8. Ashland-Greenwood



  1. Elmwood-Murdock Backemeyer-Lockman
  2. Arlington Harms-Schmidt-Smith
  3. Twin River Swantek-Vanderhart
  4. Omaha Skutt Girad-Ruden
  5. Southern Valley Lewis-Vollmer
  6. Seward Hill-Kenney-Van Velson
  7. Stanton Zach-Thelen-Brechbill
  8. Lincoln Southeast McCarter-Swiatek-Baker


FBLA Principles and Procedures

  1. Riley Knust, Tri County
  2. Jackie Alexander, Bellevue West
  3. Reagan Petersen, Syracuse
  4. Alyssa Rippe, Syracuse
  5. Brittany Stewart, Johnson-Brock
  6. Logan Vie, Arlington
  7. Holly Schwarting, Bellevue East
  8. Lauren Shackelford, Sandy Creek


Global Business

  1. Omaha Westside Stevenson-Graves-Mapes
  2. Lincoln East Bhoopalam-Lee-Molnar
  3. Heartland Wurst-Huebert-Dick
  4. Arlington Hoppe-Smith-Albracht
  5. Seward Van Velson-Hill-Kenney
  6. Lincoln Southeast Hendricks-Baker-Hua
  7. Sandy Creek Simmerman-Uecker
  8. Twin River Nelson-Swantek


Health Care Administration

  1. Jocelyn Daubendiek, Elkhorn High
  2. Jaden Moore, Norfolk High
  3. Janet Ahlers, West Boyd
  4. Jackson Porter, Southwest
  5. Nicole Kent, Dundy County Stratton
  6. JT Engberg, Adams Central
  7. Rachel VanRobays, Omaha Roncalli Catholic
  8. Lani Martin, Pleasanton


Help Desk

  1. Connor Cross, Laurel-Concord Coleridge
  2. Damia Hill, Grand Island Senior High
  3. Kylie Doupnik, Harvard
  4. Matt Frasier, Platteview
  5. Schuyler Brown, Bellevue West
  6. Jeffrey Vanderhart, Twin River
  7. Tiara Hopp, Norfolk High
  8. Mitch Mead, Grand Island Senior High


Hospitality Management

  1. Lincoln Southwest Niazi-Parvanehgohar
  2. Dundy County Stratton Waters-Kent-Waters
  3. Bennington Aktar-Joe-Wullenwaber
  4. Chadron Gardner-Parish-Welch
  5. Southern Valley Joppa-Shearer
  6. Platteview Strigenz-Brady-Parr
  7. Bellevue West Perdomo-Seeley-Craig
  8. Lincoln East Melcher-Anderson


Impromptu Speaking

  1. Jack Arens, Ainsworth
  2. Elijah Kennedy, Auburn
  3. Eric Le, Lincoln Southwest
  4. Jon Krings, Humphrey St. Francis
  5. Connor Cross, Laurel-Concord Coleridge
  6. Jessica Larkins, Freeman
  7. Colten White, Kearney
  8. Veronica Miller, Crete
  9. Rebecca Hiatt, West Boyd
  10. Laura Nelms, Dundy County Stratton


Insurance and Risk Management

  1. Michael Musgrove, Chase County
  2. Sam Klammer, Adams Central
  3. Karsten Schuetze, West Point-Beemer
  4. Carlie Smith, Litchfield
  5. Courtney Carlson, Syracuse
  6. Breanna Langan, Lincoln Southeast
  7. Brooke Mott, Omaha Burke
  8. Billy Baker, Lincoln Southeast


Introduction to Business

  1. Braydon Conell, York
  2. Brett Petersen, Blair
  3. Shruti Mishra, Lincoln East
  4. Ojus Jain, Lincoln East
  5. Trey Taggart, Bellevue West
  6. Aaron Buller, Heartland
  7. Serina Nakagawa, Lincoln Southwest
  8. Stephanie Lund, Omaha Westside


Introduction to Business Communication

  1. Ryan Range, Twin River
  2. Mikayla Brady, Malcolm
  3. Jae Hyun Lim, Lincoln Southwest
  4. Keenan Allen, Lincoln East
  5. Braydon Conell, York
  6. Jadyn Horner, Minden
  7. Chloe Martin, Blair
  8. Halie Lewin, Ashland-Greenwood


Introduction to Information Technology

  1. Hundter Biede, Adams Central
  2. Hunter Guru, Lincoln East
  3. Felix Cui, Lincoln East
  4. Aaron Buller, Heartland
  5. Keenan Allen, Lincoln East
  6. Ethan Hall, Heartland
  7. Geoffrey Davis, Blair
  8. Whitney Koehn, Elmwood-Murdock


Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

  1. Abbey Borgman, Silver Lake
  2. Brett Petersen, Blair
  3. Connor Sears, Kearney
  4. Grant Bracht, Arlington
  5. Dallas Lim, Lincoln East
  6. Macey Stall, Gibbon
  7. Kolton Witte, Johnson-Brock
  8. Marian Sanchez, Bellevue West


Job Interview

  1. AnnaLee Christensen, Syracuse
  2. Trevor Lockman, Elmwood-Murdock
  3. Nathen Varner, Bishop Neumann
  4. Samantha Teten, Johnson-Brock
  5. Lauren Wagner, Raymond Central
  6. Daniel Mitchell, Milford
  7. Makayla Coan, Columbus Lakeview
  8. Adrienne Cavill, Kearney


Keyboarding Knowledge

  1. Hunter Hawk, Chadron
  2. Nikki Hiner, Columbus Scotus
  3. Cole Tessendorf, Columbus Lakeview
  4. Jacy Hafer, Sandhills
  5. Serena Mueller, Waverly
  6. Luke Bigelow, Lincoln East
  7. Brittany Quiring, Heartland
  8. Shaylee Scranton, Thedford


Trevor Koger and Blake Bracht, Arlington


Local Chapter Annual Business Report

  1. Elmwood-Murdock
  2. Blair
  3. Fillmore Central
  4. Bellevue West
  5. Minden
  6. Columbus Lakeview
  7. Tri County
  8. Arlington


Management Decision Making

  1. Omaha Westside Graves-Stevenson-Mapes
  2. Arlington Schmidt-Bracht-Schmidt
  3. Kearney Cavill-Engen
  4. Heartland Buller-Hall-Oswald
  5. Seward Simmerman-Van Velson
  6. Lincoln East Jain-Zeng
  7. Southern Valley Ridpath-Cayou
  8. Ashland-Greenwood Stille-Vavak-Craven


Management Information Systems

  1. Bellevue East Brown-Jones-Brown
  2. Grand Island Senior High Smith-Mead-Montelongo
  3. Grand Island Senior High Kinman-Lehechka-Rainforth
  4. Centennial Fish-Kolts-Yamber
  5. Cedar Bluffs Horner-Smith
  6. Omaha Marian Keyser-Haddick
  7. Laurel-Concord Coleridge Hirschman-Cross-Dietrich
  8. Waverly Carnes-Gubbels-Ohlmann



  1. Kearney Engen-Cavill
  2. Omaha Westside Graves-Stevenson-Mapes
  3. Concordia Hemphill-Henderson-Grasz
  4. Boone Central Casper-Schilousky
  5. Heartland Kroeker-Quiring-Brown
  6. Heartland Grady-Burhoop-Ruybalid
  7. Southern Valley Burgeson-Krejdl
  8. Lincoln Southeast Kirby-Hua-Hendricks


Mobile Application Development

  1. Omaha Westside
  2. Sandy Creek
  3. Minden
  4. Sargent Team Coons-Lewis
  5. Sargent Team Decker-Osborn
  6. Elmwood-Murdock
  7. Wakefield
  8. Loup County


Network Design

  1. Bellevue East Brown-Jones-Brown
  2. Grand Island Senior High Earl-Jaurez-Mead
  3. Grand Island Senior High Duren-Kinman-Shroder
  4. Lincoln Southeast Warren-Warren
  5. Twin River Miller-Vanderhart-Zwiener
  6. Elkhorn High Jacobs-Meyer-O’Malley
  7. Omaha Marian Keyser-Zielie
  8. Minden Wilson-Bridges


Networking Concepts

  1. Brandon Warren, Lincoln Southeast
  2. Devin Duren, Grand Island Senior High
  3. Jaedin Switzer, Sandy Creek
  4. Donovan Smith, Grand Island Senior High
  5. Tristan Attebery, Johnson County Central
  6. Andrew Peterson, Lincoln Southwest
  7. Zach Meyer, Elkhorn High
  8. Joshua Warren, Lincoln Southeast


Parliamentary Procedure

  1. Abi Sheen, Kearney
  2. Cody McCain, Tri County
  3. Heather Bentley, Amherst
  4. Mia Kegley, Kearney
  5. Riley Knust, Tri County
  6. Laura Mozqueda, Gibbon
  7. Bailey Cerveny, Wilber-Clatonia
  8. William Stokebrand, Tri County


Parliamentary Procedure National Team

Abi Sheen, Kearney

Cody McCain, Tri County

Heather Bentley, Amherst

Mia Kegley, Kearney


Parliamentary Procedure Team

  1. Kearney
  2. Gibbon
  3. Tri County
  4. Wilber-Clatonia


Partnership with Business Project

  1. Bellevue East
  2. Elmwood-Murdock
  3. Bellevue West
  4. Blair
  5. Sargent
  6. Auburn
  7. Dundy County Stratton
  8. Cozad


Personal Finance

  1. Scott Riley, Johnson-Brock
  2. Haley Huebert, Heartland
  3. Eric Le, Lincoln Southwest
  4. Jacob Shiers, Lincoln Southwest
  5. Owen Wurst, Heartland
  6. Eli Lunquist, Raymond Central
  7. Haley Pierce, West Point-Beemer
  8. Michael Purcell, Johnson County Central



  1. Serena Mueller, Waverly
  2. Clinton Lowe, Norris
  3. Braydon Conell, York
  4. Shaylee Scranton, Thedford
  5. Nikki Hiner, Columbus Scotus
  6. Addison Kuta, Sandy Creek
  7. Andrea Jagels, Norfolk Lutheran High Northeast
  8. Courtney Thompson, Minden


Public Service Announcement

  1. Syracuse
  2. Omaha Marian
  3. Wakefield
  4. Bellevue West
  5. Norfolk High
  6. Sargent
  7. Tekamah-Herman
  8. Heartland


Public Speaking I

  1. Ojus Jain, Lincoln East
  2. Cole Tessendorf, Columbus Lakeview
  3. Ellen Dexter, Raymond Central
  4. Whitney Koehn, Elmwood-Murdock
  5. Courtney Thompson, Minden
  6. Chris Duron, Bellevue West
  7. Halie Lewin, Ashland-Greenwood
  8. Ellie Glup, Tekamah-Herman


Public Speaking II

  1. Rachel Shadley, Columbus Lakeview
  2. Alyssa Ehlers, Adams Central
  3. Ashtyn Cooper, Elmwood-Murdock
  4. Emma Bauerle, Chase County
  5. Claire Vanness, Wausa
  6. Sarah Supenski, Bellevue West
  7. Aubrey High, Gibbon
  8. Riley Stahlecker, Humphrey St. Francis


Sales Presentation

  1. Alyssa Faber, Aurora
  2. Josh Lampe, Omaha Roncalli Catholic
  3. Connor Cross, Laurel-Concord Coleridge
  4. Makayla Coan, Columbus Lakeview
  5. Haley Pierce, West Point-Beemer
  6. Blaine Johnson, Bellevue East
  7. Emerson Carbajal, Johnson-Brock
  8. MaKendra Kellogg, Tekamah-Herman


Securities and Investments

  1. Scott Riley, Johnson-Brock
  2. Eric Le, Lincoln Southwest
  3. Blake Bracht, Arlington
  4. Jacob Shiers, Lincoln Southwest
  5. Bryce Frey, Neligh-Oakdale
  6. Christopher Smith, Arlington
  7. Jae Hyun Lim, Lincoln Southwest
  8. Trevor Grimm, Concordia



  1. Brittany Stewart, Johnson-Brock
  2. Jae Hyun Lim, Lincoln Southwest
  3. Greta Welch, Chadron
  4. Serena Mueller, Waverly
  5. Annie Jia, Lincoln East
  6. Mikayla Brady, Malcolm
  7. Clinton Lowe, Norris
  8. Thera Teano, Hastings St. Cecilia


Sports and Entertainment Management

  1. Arlington Theiler-Koger-Timm
  2. Arlington Jensen-Keffer-Bracht
  3. Stanton Brechbill-Colwell-Brechbill
  4. Osmond Krohn-Manzer-Slagle
  5. Heartland Steingard-Weisheit-Braun
  6. Bennington Joe-Wullenwaber-Connor
  7. Southern Valley Miller-Varela
  8. Fairbury Feldkamp-Knigge-Christiansen


Spreadsheet Applications

  1. Blair Hofstetter, Meridian
  2. Tiffany Schweer, Sandy Creek
  3. Jordan Burns, Wausa
  4. Cody Spencer, Gibbon
  5. Kylee Werner, Syracuse
  6. Jaedin Switzer, Sandy Creek
  7. Courtney Nelson, Twin River
  8. Whitney Aman, Blair


Website Design

  1. Aurora
  2. Shelton
  3. Adams Central
  4. Cambridge
  5. Lawrence-Nelson
  6. Sandy Creek
  7. Tekamah-Herman
  8. Minden


Word Processing

  1. Emma Bjork, Syracuse
  2. Ashli Soukup, Meridian
  3. Kaitlyn Quiring, Heartland
  4. Frankie Sierks, Sandhills
  5. Abby Kile, Lawrence-Nelson
  6. Rachel Kathman, Lawrence-Nelson
  7. Jordyn Cerveny, Wilber-Clatonia
  8. Matt Petracek, Wilber-Clatonia



Nebraska FBLA Scholarship

Cody McCain, Tri County
Melissa Newkirk, Omaha Burke


Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda State and National Dues Award Membership Scholarship

Josh Jones, Bellevue East
Trevor Koger, Arlington


Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda State and National Dues Award

Tianna Engen, Kearney
Cody McCain, Tri County


Golden Round Table Award

Adams Central – chartered Blue Hill
Columbus Lakeview – chartered Osceola


Market Share Award – High School

  1. Wausa – 89%
  2. Tie: Columbus Lakeview and Dorchester  – 75%


Foundation Fundraising

  1. Adams Central – $1,625
  2. Blair – $1,509
  3. Syracuse – $650


Largest Chapter Increase

  1. Concordia – 263%
  2. Shickley – 200%
  3. Riverside – 175%


Largest Chapter Membership – Class A

  1. Omaha Burke
  2. Bellevue West


Largest Chapter Membership – Class B

  1. Tie: Adams Central and Blair
  2. Crete


Largest Chapter Membership – Class C

  1. Columbus Lakeview
  2. Hastings St. Cecilia


Largest Chapter Membership – Class D

  1. Wakefield
  2. Meridian

Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser

Jane Blum, Minden


National Businessperson of the Year Award

Kelly Lammers, Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance


Business of the Year

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium


Star Volunteers

Diane Noonan, Lakeview FBLA
Debra Berry, Osceola FBLA

Outstanding Business Education Students

Congratulations to Trevor Koger, FBLA State Parliamentarian, and Kevin Thor, PBL State Vice President of Communication and PBL National Secretary! Trevor was selected as the Outstanding Business Education Secondary Student and Kevin was selected as the Outstanding Business Education Post-Secondary Student from ACTE’s Region V.

Trevor is a senior at Arlington High School and Kevin is a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kevin was also an FBLA member at Stanton High School where is adviser was Susan Seeman. Trevor’s adviser is Shawna Koger.

We are very proud of these deserving students and commend our Nebraska members for receiving both honors!

FBLA – It Pays to be a Winner!

Nebraska FBLA members brought home $4,600 by placing in the top 5 of their national competitive events. It’s always exciting to see the final amount awarded to our Nebraska FBLA members. Congratulations to these winners!

(Award winnings vary based on the amount contributed by the event sponsor.)


American Enterprise Project 1 $1,000
Brenna Backemeyer, Natalie Elwood, Wyatt Story – Elmwood-Murdock
Banking & Financial Systems 5 $100
Katharine Garrett, Kaitlyn Oppliger – Blair
Business Financial Plan 3 $400
Michaela Mapes – Westside
Desktop Publishing 5 $100
Makenna Wallin – Chase County
Desktop Publishing 4 $200
Kylie Bogatz, John Willey – Elmwood-Murdock
Entrepreneurship 4 $300
Allison Braun, Cody Droeker, Colton Siebert – Heartland
Global Business 1 $1,000
Ojus Jain, Elliot Sandfort, Alicia Zeng – Lincoln East
Insurance & Risk Management 3 $400
Paul Weber – Cedar Bluffs
Job Interview 3 $100
Julie Slama – Auburn
Parliamentary Procedure 1 $1,000
Anna Bauerle, Chase County; Abi Sheen, Kearney High; Dylan Steinkruger, Minden; Cody McCain, Tri County

2014 NLC Event Winners

Congratulations to our competitors!


American Enterprise Project

First Place: Wyatt Stroy, Natalie Elwood, and Brenna Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock

Banking and Financial Systems

Fifth Place:  Katharine Garrett and Kaitlyn Opplinger, Blair

Business Financial Plan

Third Place: Michaela Mapes, Omaha Westside

Business Plan

Eighth Place: Amzie Dunekacke, Erin Bohling, and Julia Oestmann, Johnson-Brock

Business Presentation

Ninth Place: Claire Vanness, Austin Conn, and Leanna Rosberg, Wausa

Desktop Publishing

Fourth Place: Kyle Bogatz and John Willey, Elmwood-Murdock Fifth Place: Makenna Wallin, Chase County Seventh Place: Trevor McQuay and Kylie Wiegert, Wausa


Ninth Place: Jennifer Russell, Waverly

Electronic Career Portfolio

Seventh Place: Colton Allen, Aurora

Emerging Business Issues

Sixth Place: Trevor Lockman and Brenna Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock Eighth Place: Nate Jurgensmeier, Dana Meduna, and Austin Barry, Bishop Neumann


Fourth Place: Allison Braun, Cody Kroeker, and Colton Siebert, Heartland

Future Business Leader

Eighth Place: Kelsey Bohling, Johnson-Brock

Global Business

First Place: Ojus Jain, Elliot Sandfort, and Alicia Zeng, Lincoln East

Health Care Administration

Tenth Place: Jocelyn Daubendiek, Elkhorn High

Hospitality Management

Seventh Place: Adrienne Cavill and Tianna Engen, Kearney High

Insurance and Risk Management

Third Place: Paul Weber, Cedar Bluffs

Introduction to Business

Seventh Place: Ethan Hall, Heartland Tenth Place: Leslie Braun, Heartland

Introduction to Information Technology

Sixth Place: Mason Goodman, Blair

Job Interview

Third Place: Julie Slama, Auburn

Management Information Systems

Tenth Place: River Towne, Jared Frenzel, and Eli Kennedy, Auburn

Parliamentary Procedure

First Place: Dylan Steinkruger, Minden; Cody McCain, Tri County; Abi Sheen, Kearney High; Anna Bauerle, Chase County

Partnership with Business Project

Tenth Place: Aaron Halvorsen, Emily Harsin, and Jameson Bennett, Syracuse

Public Service Announcement

Fourth Place: Callie Zeorian and Lindsay Mills, Elmwood-Murdock Sixth Place: Kendra Alberts, Johnson-Brock

Public Speaking II

Sixth Place: Katie Ruth, Adams Central

Sports and Entertainment Management

Seventh Place: Trevor Koger, Blake Bracht, and Dillon O’Flaherty, Arlington Tenth Place: Caleb Goeken and Tommie Brechbill, Stanton



Nebraska CSO Advisor of the Year – Kurk Shrader, Elmwood-Murdock

Congratulations to Kurk Shrader from Elmwood-Murdock FBLA Chapter, who was recognized as the Nebraska Career Student Organization Advisor of the Year at the NCE Conference on Thursday! We applaud Kurk for the outstanding program he coordinates at Elmwood-Murdock by integrating FBLA activities into the classroom and business community.

Nebraska FBLA advisors shine in numerous ways each year, and we thank you for all that you do for your students.