FBLA SLC Business Tours Information

SLC Business Tours Information

Date and time of tours: Monday, March 30, 2020, 9:00 – 10:30 A.M.

Deadline: Friday, March 6, 2020


*Registration ‘first come, first served’. Transportation on your own – not provided from hotel.
Include tour preference and the following information in your registration email to georgia.blumenstock@nebraska.gov:

  1. Tour name,
  2. Total count including chaperone and driver, if attending;
  3. Required tour-specific information, and
  4. Method/vehicle(s) for arrival, e.g. group or meet-up; bus, personal vehicles, van.


The Buckle Warehouse: 2407 W 24th St., Kearney, NE-


Topics/areas include: Tour the Corporate Headquarters of the retail chain “The Buckle” that currently operates over 449 stores across the country. Learn about production, logistics, and the buying/merchandising of apparel process.

PLEASE NOTE: Liability form is required


UNK College of Business: West Center Building, 1917 W 24th St, Kearney, NE   

Tour Capacity: 5 Groups of 20  –  9:00-10:30 am

Topics/areas include: Tour the UNK College of Business and Technology Department. Learn about opportunities at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Entrepreneurship, The UNK Entrepreneurship Center and Business Programs offered at UNK.


On The Bricks: Highway 30 & 25th St, Kearney, NE


Tour Capacity: 2 groups of 20-30  –  9:00-10:30 am

Topics/areas include: Tour several local businesses in the Historic Downtown Kearney area. Learn about Marketing, Business Management, Customer Service, and more at unique, local shops.


Cash Wa Distributing: 401 West 4th St., Kearney, NE 


Tour Capacity: 30   –  9:00-10:30 am

Topics/areas include:  Tour a local, family-owned Foodservice Distribution Company. Learn about Inventory Methods, FIFO, LIFO, Specific Identification and Weighted Average, Transportation & Logistics, and Production Distribution.


Blue Print Engines: 2915 Marshall Ave., Kearney, NE 

Tour Capacity:  2 groups of 30   –  9:00-10:30 am

Topics/areas include: Tour one of the largest crate engine manufactures in the world. Learn about the Engineering, Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Customer Service for all types of engines for cars and light trucks.


Icon Poly Studio: 45880 US 30, Gibbon, NE 


Tour Capacity:  20-30   –  9:00-10:30 am

Topics/areas include: Tour a family owned business that specializes in Custom Fabrication, Sculptures, 3D Art, and more. Learn about Product Design, 3-D Computer Applications, Graphic Design, Marketing, Advertising, and Business Management.