Middle School – Video Game Challenge (New 2022-2023)

Category: Prejudge Project

Type: Individual, Team

Grade Level: 5-8

Deadline/Testing: 15-Feb

Competitor Limit: Two Entries per chapter


Create an animated game, in any language or game/animation engine, with keyboard and/or mouse input.

Event Guidelines

  • Choose a programming language or game/animation engine to create a standalone executable program that will display creativity, and programming skills, and convey the message of the topic.
  • The use of templates is permitted; however, the final product should demonstrate the competitors’ creativity and original thought. If templates are used, they must be identified during the demonstration.
  • The game must be free of viruses/malware.
  • The usability and functionality of the program must be accessible to the judges.
  • Competitors must include for the judges any of the following that is applicable;
    read me file, source code, documentation of templates/libraries used,
    documentation of copyrighted material used.
  • Competitors must prepare projects. Advisers and others are not permitted
    to help.
  • Competitors are expected to follow all applicable copyright laws. Refer to the Format Guide for copyright guidelines.
    • Any photographs, texts, trademarks, or names used must be supported by proper documentation and approvals indicated on the project.
  • Submit the project as a Zip File or URL to Blue Panda by the deadline.
  • Name project: videogame_chapter_lastnames_year


Using the rating sheet, a panel of judges will select the winners. All decisions of the judges are final.

Who Goes to Nationals?

The first- and second-place winners of this event will represent Nebraska in the Middle School - Video Game Challenge event at the National Leadership Conference (NLC), provided they have not previously placed in the top 10 for this event at a previous NLC.