Graphic Design

Category: Prejudge Project

Type: Individual, Team

Grade Level: 9-12

Deadline/Testing: 15-Feb

Competitor Limit: 1 team of 1-3 members


(New 2022-23)

Your organization has been hired as a consultant to design a new brand identity for a new, fictional nonprofit organization. The fictional nonprofit is an organization that supports youth development with afterschool programs and summer camps. Give the non-profit a name. The brand should be modern, bright, and vibrant to attract youth.

In accordance with your brand guidelines, design

  • a t-shirt,
  • a baseball cap,
  • a toy, and
  • two other promotional items of your choice.

Event Guidelines

  • Competitors, not advisers, must create the design elements required in the topic.
  • Entries will be judged according to the rating sheet.
  • Elements should emphasize the graphic interpretation of the topic and design.
  • Participants may not use any words, diagrams, clipart, and/or artwork that are not public domain.
  • The logo must be included in the sales kit.
  • Graphics should be computer-generated.
  • Competitors are expected to follow all applicable copyright laws. Refer to the national Format Guide for copyright information.
  • Media may be labeled using any method but must include the name of the event, student participants, school, and state.
  • Complete the online project submission form found on the Nebraska FBLA website by the conference registration deadline.
  • Emphasize graphic interpretation of the topic and design.
  • Do not use any words, diagrams, clip art, and/or artwork that are not
    public domain.
  • Graphics must be saved in JPEG, GIF, PNG, or EPS format. Graphics should be
    computer-generated. (Updated on 1/31/23 to include PNG file format.)
  • Save project files electronically in a cloud storage location (DropBox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Name files GD_item_chaptername_year
  • Ensure storage location permissions allow for anyone with the link access to view files.
  • Submit storage location URL to project submission online form.


  • Create a graphic design promotional logo and tagline for the given topic
  • demonstrate appropriate graphic design rules
  • show creativity and cohesiveness of design and tagline
  • develop the creative and appealing layout and design
  • use appropriate artwork and design techniques to address the given topic
  • use effective colors, layout, and design


Each local chapter may submit one (1) entry. Entries may be created by an individual member or a team composed of two (2) members or three (3) members. Each competitor must pay the SLC registration fee and attend the State Leadership Conference.


Entries must address the topic as described in the topic section. Entries will be judged by a panel of judges according to the rating sheet. All decisions of the judges are final.

Who Goes to Nationals?

The first-, second-, and third-place winners of this event will be entered in the Graphic Design event at the National Leadership Conference, provided they have not placed in the top 10 for this event at a previous National Leadership Conference.