Computer Game and Simulation Programming

Category: Prejudge Project

Type: Individual, Team

Grade Level: 9-12

Deadline/Testing: 15-Feb


(New 2022-23)

In 2022, Wordle and similar word games were all the rage across the world. Develop a word game with rules and a theme of your choice.

  • The game should be an executable game, either through the Internet or through a local installation (review guidelines about Internet access at the National Leadership Conference).
  • The game should contain a scoreboard.
  • The game should contain a leaderboard and celebratory messages.
  • The game should have a minimum of three levels.
  • The game should have an instructional display.

Event Guidelines

  • Competitors must prepare projects. Advisers and other individuals are not permitted to help.
  • Choose a programming language or game/animation engine to create a standalone executable program that will display creativity, programming skill, and convey the message of the topic.
  • Data must be free of viruses/malware. Any entry with contaminated data will not be judged.
  • All data and programs should be contained in a master folder named STATE_ SCHOOL where your state and school are listed in that folder name format. Outside of the master folder, create a shortcut to the executable file. If the program requires a runtime player, create a shortcut outside the master folder to launch the runtime player installer.
  • The program must contain the following, at a minimum:
    • Must be graphics-based in nature, not text-based.
    • Must provide an initial title page with the game title, user interface control instructions, and active buttons for Play / Quit.
    • Provide a quit command programmed to the escape key.
  • Submit entry electronically to BluePanda by deadline.
  • Create a shell folder that will be zipped and uploaded. Your master folder should be placed in the shell folder, along with a .pdf with screenshots and directions. Therefore, when a judge unzips your shell folder and then opens it, they will see your .pdf and your master folder. Your master folder should have all your files and folders inside of it.
  • Name your shell folder State_Chapter_Event_Team (example NE_School_CGSP_School1). Your master folder should be named State_Event_Team_membernames_membernames_membernames (example NE_CGSP_School1_Garrison_Kobza_Blumenstock)


  • Program addresses the topic and is appropriate for the audience
  • required information is effectively communicated
  • user interface is intuitive and responsive to program operations
  • navigation is logical and designed to lead the player to the intended objective
  • program demonstrates a finished product free of artifacts and glitches
  • programming code is adequately commented and follows a logical order
  • gameplay incorporates both entertainment and edutainment play within topic specifications
  • game world graphics, text treatment, and special effects show creativity and cohesiveness of design
  • artistry, character, overall layout, color choice and design is creative and appealing to the target audience
  • program contains some element of skill, chance, competition or random actions that will inspire replay more than once
  • player interactions with other characters, objects, obstacles, and iconic graphics are appropriate to the topic and create a feeling of immersion within the game world
  • storyline is sufficient to engage player and communicate a clear thought process and an intended, planned direction with formulation and execution of a firm idea
  • player tasks are non-trivial and receive appropriate rewards
  • copyright laws are followed


Each chapter may submit entries created by an individual or by a team of two (2) or three (3) members in Grades 9 through 12. Each participant must pay the SLC registration fee and attend the State Leadership Conference.


Entries will be judged according to the rating sheet. All decisions of the judges are final.

Who Goes to Nationals?

The first-, second-, and third-place winners will represent Nebraska in the Computer Game and Simulation Programming event at the National Leadership Conference. No team members are allowed to compete in event if they have placed in the top 10 for this event at a previous National Leadership Conference.