Who’s Who

Category: Prejudge Report

Type: Individual

Grade Level: 9-12

Deadline/Testing: March 1

Competitor Limit: 1 entry per chapter

Event Guidelines

Criteria for selection of the nominees for this event should include:

  • Years of participation in FBLA activities.
  • Extent of participation in FBLA conferences sponsored by the state chapter and national association.
  • Offices held on the local, state, and national levels as well as goals accomplished as a state and/or national officer.
  • Chairmanships and committee participation.
  • Contributions to local, state, and national projects.
  • FBLA honors and awards—local, state, and/or national.


  • Up to one (1) percent of Nebraska’s FBLA membership may receive this honor.
  • An applicant for this event can also apply for the All-State Quality Member Award.
  • Each local chapter shall determine its own method for selecting its nominee for the State Who’s Who Event.
  • To be considered for national recognition, the nominee must have completed one level of the Business Achievement Awards.
  • Complete the appropriate entry form found on the Nebraska FBLA website and submit it with your resume electronically.
  • For this event, a resume (not to exceed 1 page in length in 10-point font or larger) should include evidence of the nominee’s participation and contributions to FBLA.
  • A cover or title page should not be included.
  • File Name: WhosWho_chapter_name.pdf
    • Submit PDF to Who’s Who on Blue Panda.


Each active local chapter may enter one participant. State and national officers are automatically eligible for this recognition. Having a national or state officer does not prohibit a chapter from selecting an additional member for this honor.


A judging team will select up to the top entry of the Nebraska FBLA membership to receive recognition at NLC.


All nominations will receive recognition at State Leadership Conference.

Who Goes to Nationals?

Nebraska’s candidate for Who’s Who at the National Leadership Conference will be the highest point recipient as determined by the judging team. The nominee must have completed one level of the Business Achievement Awards to be eligible for the national competition. National officers are automatically recognized at the National Leadership Conference providing they have completed one level of the Business Achievement Awards.