Virtual Business Management Challenge

Category: Objective Test

Type: Individual, Team

Grade Level: 9-12

Event Guidelines

  • No registration is required for SLC.
  • All competition is handled at the national level through the VBMC website.
  • Participation in this event crosses the curriculum areas of Introduction to Business, Information Technology, and Management. The students will manage a simulated business.
  • During the challenge, FBLA members are required to:
    • Register an individual or team up to three (3) individuals
    • Run the simulation
    • Submit scores
    • Compete and be ranked against other participating FBLA teams
    • Registration link Preliminary Performance
  • The top eight (8) nationally ranked teams from each VBC—both fall and spring but no more than one (1) per state, per challenge—are eligible to compete at the NLC. These sixteen (16) teams are determined by the standings in the fall and spring competitions administered via the Internet during the school year.
  • At the NLC, the qualifying teams for the preliminary round will participate in a round-robin event with each team participating in a minimum of two (2) fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minute sessions. Teams will be using a multiplayer component that allows them to compete within the same simulated economy. Bracket winners will be determined based on the highest cumulative profit.


Preliminary Performance Challenge Dates

  • Fall: October 20 – November 13, 2020
  • Spring: February 1 – 26, 2021

Final Performance

  • For the final round, four (4) teams will compete in a fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minute session. The national
    winner will be determined based on the highest cumulative profit.
  • The FBLA VBC is an official event brought to FBLA chapters through a partnership with Knowledge Matters.


Individual members or a team of two (2) or three (3) members in Grades 9 through 12 from active, local chapters may participate in both the fall and spring online challenge. A team member cannot be on more than one (1) team at a time. Team members cannot be changed once a team has registered. Members are unable to participate in any other event if they have qualified and plan on participating in the final round at the NLC. Competitors must have paid FBLA state and national dues by the deadline date of the current year.


All judging occurs through VBMC and winners are notified individually.

Who Goes to Nationals?

This is a national event. State awards are given to the national qualifying teams.