Spreadsheet Applications

Category: Computer Skill Test

Type: Individual

Grade Level: 9-12

Deadline/Testing: March 15 - April 11

Competitor Limit: 2 Entries per chapter

Event Guidelines

Production Test
• Test materials will be mailed to the chapter adviser prior to the designated testing dates.
• Participants will test on a computer at their local school on one of the designated testing dates.
• All students entered in the event from a school must test on the same date at the same time.
• Any appropriate software may be used.
• Competitors may bring prepared templates to use when testing.
• The event will be administered according to the guidelines provided in the testing packet by the proctor (a person other than the FBLA chapter adviser, such as the technology coordinator, guidance counselor, principal, or other faculty member).
• Thirty (30) minutes will be allowed for the test at the school testing site. Additional time will be allowed for general directions. The proctor will start and stop all participants at the same time. (Exception: Time allowances may be made for equipment failure.)
• Voice recognition software may be used as an input method.
• Participants will be notified when five (5) minutes and one (1) minute remain.
• All proofreading and keying must stop when time is called by the proctor.
• Problems will be weighted according to difficulty and may be completed in any order.
• Participants must provide their own pens and pencils.
• No reference materials or calculators may be used.


  • Basic mathematical concepts
  • data organization concepts
  • create formulas
  • functions
  • generate graphs for analysis purposes
  • pivot tables
  • create macros
  • filter and extract data


Each chapter may enter two (2) FBLA members from Grades 9 through 12. Participants should have completed a computer course utilizing advanced applications in spreadsheet software. Each competitor must pay the SLC registration fee and attend the State Leadership Conference.


Judging will be based on accuracy of printed copy, including formatting, appearance, and formulas (if applicable.) The documents will be evaluated by a panel of judges. All judges’ decisions are final.

Who Goes to Nationals?

The first-, second-, and third-place winners of this event will represent Nebraska in the Spreadsheet Applications event at the National Leadership Conference, providing they have not entered this event at a previous National Leadership Conference.