Introduction to Business Presentation

Category: Project/Presentation

Type: Individual, Team

Grade Level: 9-10

Deadline/Testing: 16-Feb

Competitor Limit: 1 team of 1-3 members


(New Topic 2021-22) Acme, Inc. is a large corporation providing insurance and banking services to consumers and businesses around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought huge changes to Acme, Inc.’s business practices and workplace expectations, such as a temporary work-from-home policy as well as the implementation of virtual meetings, which were not widely used before the pandemic. Develop a presentation to Acme, Inc. executives about changes in business practices and workplace policies that should remain in place after the pandemic, including work schedule, work location, format of meetings, or networking opportunities.

Event Guidelines

Preliminary Round:

  • The business presentation should be prepared using the topic provided.
  • Student members, not advisers, must prepare presentations.
  • The participants must use a presentation software program as an aid in delivering the business presentation.
  • The preliminary round will be judged based on the presentation submitted online. Presenters and the presentation used as an aid should be viewable at all times in the video.
  • Competitors will create a video of the business presentation, which allows the judges to view the competitor as well as the presentation slides.
  • The audio recording should be clear with appropriate volume.
  • Comply with state and federal copyright laws. Refer to the national Format Guide for copyright information.
  • Upload the video to YouTube as unlisted and disable comments. Include URL on the submission form.
  • Upload slide deck as PDF to the submission form.
  • Name video IBP_chaptername_year
  • Eight (8) finalists will advance to the final round.

Final Round:

  • The top eight (8) teams will be notified of their eligibility and times slots prior to the conference. Each team’s
    competitors must be available to compete at the designated time in the program.
  • Times for the presentations will be randomly selected by the state office staff.
  • The participants must use a presentation software program as an aid in delivering the business presentation. The chapter must provide all equipment for the presentation.
  • Five minutes (5) will be allowed to set up and remove equipment or presentation items. Equipment may be connected or partially connected before entering the presentation room.
  • Competitors must perform all aspects of the presentation (e.g., speaking, setup, operating audiovisual equipment). Other representatives of the chapter or the adviser may not provide assistance.
  • The team has seven (7) minutes to deliver the presentation.
  • All team members must actively participate in the presentation.
  • Visual aids and samples specifically related to the project may be used in the presentation; however, no items may be left with the judges or audience.
  • A timekeeper will stand at six (6) minutes and again at seven (7) minutes. When the presentation is finished, the timekeeper will record the time used, noting a deduction of five (5) points for any presentation over seven (7) minutes.
  • Following each presentation, judges will conduct a three (3) minute question-answer period.
  • The performance is open to conference attendees, except performing participants of this event. No audio or video recording will be allowed.


Each chapter may submit one (1) entry created by an individual or by a team of two (2) or three (3) members in Grades 9 through 10.


Each team will be judged by a panel of judges. All judges’ decisions are final.

Who Goes to Nationals?

The first-, second-, and third-place winners of this event will represent Nebraska in the Introduction to Business Presentation event at the National Leadership Conference. No more than one team member may have competed in this event at a prior National Leadership Conference or have competed more than two years at the national level in this event.