Data Analytics



Grade Level: 9-12

Competitor Limit: individual/ Team event


You and/or your team are working as data analysts on a committee that oversees the impact of new housing sales across the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau makes regular releases of data regarding the sale of new housing across the United States. Use the given datasets, as well as additional research, to analyze and visualize trends, as well as future predictions regarding the construction and sale of new housing in the United States. During your presentation to the judges, you will need to analyze the data for trends, develop at least three visualizations, and present any recommendations to the committee.

Event Guidelines

  • Competitors must research the topic prior to conference and be prepared to the present their findings and solutions.
  • Facts and data must be cited and secured from quality sources ( peer review documents. legal documents, etc.)
  • Competitors are permitted to bring prepared notes of any type for the presentation.
  • Visual aids and samples specifically related to the project may be used in the presentation; however, no items may be left with the judges or audience.
  • Competitors must prepare projects. Advisers and others are not permitted to help.
  • Competitors are expected to follow all applicable copyright laws. Refer to the Format Guide for copyright guidelines.
  • Competitors are responsible for bringing a copy of their project to show the judges.
  • Any photographs, text. trademarks, or names used must be supported by proper documentation and approvals indicated.


Individual/Team presentation with Equipment only 2 entries per chapter.


  •  Competitors may be disqualified if they violate competitive event guidelines.
  •  Five points are deducted if competitors do not follow the dress code.
  •  Five points may be deducted for presentations over the allotted time.
  •  Five points may be deducted for each instance of not following guidelines.