Business Ethics

Category: Objective Test, Report/Presentation

Type: Individual, Team

Grade Level: 9-12

Deadline/Testing: Case Study:15-Feb; At School Objective Test: February 20-March 15

Competitor Limit: 1 team of 1-3 members


(New 2022-23)

The ethics of an art club supervisor possibly purchasing lower-quality supplies for this year’s Craft Fair. Click here to access the full topic/case study.

Event Guidelines

The Daniels Fund, in conjunction with a grant provided to MBA Research, is the sponsor of this event. The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative provides principles-based ethics education to high school students and focuses on the practical, real-world application of ethical principles as a basis for decision-making. Click here to learn about the Daniels Fund’s ethical

This event consists of three parts:

    1. an objective test (50 points),
    2. a prejudged case study summary (50 points),
    3. a presentation (100 points).

Objective Test

  • All team members will take the test individually at the local school site.

Case Study Report

  • Competitors must research the topic/case, prepare a one-page summary prior to the conference, and be prepared to present their findings and solutions at the conference.
  • Competitors must interview three local business people as part of their research and explain how the interview findings factored into their recommendations. This information must be addressed in the one-page summary.
  • Competitors must prepare reports. Advisers and others are not permitted to write reports.
  • Use the Format Guide and follow the guidelines for Academic Reports when preparing the report.
  • The identifying information on the first page of the report must include the names of all competitors on the first line, the name of the school and state on the second line, and the year (20XX-XX) on the third line.
  • The title of the report should be “Business Ethics Case Study Summary”.
  • Utilize the following side headings to summarize the case:
    • Why the Ethical Issue Happened
    • How the Ethical Issue Should be Resolved
    • What Could Have Prevented the Ethical Issue
  • Facts and data must be cited and secured from quality sources (peer review documents, legal documents, etc.).
  • Submit PDF to Blue Panda prior to the deadline.
  • Name file: BusinessEthics_chaptername_team_year.pdf

Final Round – Presentation

  • The top eight (8) teams from the objective test score (50 pts.) plus the case study score (50 pts.) will present their case to a panel of judges.
  • Teams have seven (7) minutes for their presentation.
  • All team members must actively participate in the presentation.
  • Teams are permitted to bring prepared notes.
  • Books, other bound materials, props, and equipment are prohibited.
  • One (1) member must introduce the team and describe the ethical situation.
  • Competitors must be prepared to present their findings and solutions.
  • Following the presentation, there will be a three (3) minute Q&A with the judges.


  • Ethical decision-making is essential in the business world and the workplace. This team event recognizes FBLA members who demonstrate the ability to present solutions to ethical situations encountered in the business world and the workplace.


Each local chapter may enter two teams of one (1) to three (3) members from Grades 9 through 12.


  • The objective test will be electronically graded.
  • Reports will be reviewed by a screening committee to determine if chapters have complied with event eligibility and regulations. A panel of judges will select the finalists before the State Leadership Conference by adding the objective test and report scores. (100 pts. total)
  • The top eight (8) teams with the highest score will advance to the presentation portion of the event.
  • The performance will be judged by a panel of judges. All judges’ decisions are final.
  • The objective test score will be used to determine the final rank in case of a tie.
  • The objective test score will determine honorable mention places for teams not advancing to the performance portion of the event. Ties on the objective test will be broken based on time. All decisions are final.

Who Goes to Nationals?

The first-, second-, and third-place teams in this event will represent Nebraska in the Business Ethics event at the National Leadership Conference, provided they have not placed in the top 10 for this event at a previous National Leadership Conference. Members may compete in an event at NLC more than once if they have not previously placed in the top ten of that event at NLC. If a member places in the top ten of an event at NLC, they are no longer eligible to compete in that event.