Star Volunteer Award

Nebraska FBLA Star Volunteer Award

Deadline: Friday, February 17, 2017
  • ~ This event recognizes adult individuals who have helped a local chapter succeed by volunteering their time, talents, and effort.
  • ~ Each local chapter may nominate one person as a Star Volunteer. Candidates are individuals who would not be eligible for the Businessperson of the Year award.
  • * See Section 3 of the Nebraska FBLA Handbook for award details.
    • (Needed to send a confirmation of receipt email.)
    • Please share why your chapter is nominating said person as a Star Volunteer.
    • Reminders:

      1. Each individual nominated by a local chapter will receive the FBLA Star Volunteer Award.
      2. The local chapter adviser is responsible for notifying the recipient of the date, time and location of the award presentation.
      3. No communication will be sent from the state office to the local volunteer. The chapter is responsible for all communication regarding the award and the presentation.
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